Hidden and Unknown features of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s  team is constantly adding up new features to Facebook making it even more attractive and interesting to the users. But I am pretty sure that even if you are a social networking freak and a regular Facebook user, many of you guys have not yet discovered few old and some new features of Facebook, some new & some spice to the old ones so to say. In this article I am going to take you through a tour of few cool upcoming and useful features of Facebook.

Unknown features of Facebook

One-Time Password

Accessing Facebook from a public machine? Not feeling comfortable in typing your password with doubts of its getting leaked? No issues now ! Facebook is providing you with an ‘OTP’ which you can use for one time login. All you need to do is request an ‘OTP’ sending a text to facebook from your mobile. If you are in US, you need to send a text message as ‘OTP’ to 32665. But if you are not in US then just check out this list in the link given below.

Facebook OTP 

Now if your mobile number is registered with Facebook, you will be provided with an 8 characters unique OTP and if not then you’ll be getting an email with instructions on how to add your number & get the OTP.

Managing Notifications For Individual Posts

Isn’t it’s annoying sometimes to get back to back notifications – 4 other’s commented on this post and that post? Want to get rid of this? Simple ! turn off notifications for any individual post. How? Even more simple ! just click on the globe icon over the top right corner of  your browser screen, then just click on ’X’ showing right next to the individual notification and your are done.

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Making some of the announcements private

Social networking adds up an extra amount of joy nowadays to your happiness when you announce publicly – ‘In a Relationship’, ‘married’, ‘engaged’ – you get a lot of blessings, wishes and it boosts up your excitement .. right ?

But what if the relationship ends and now its high time to mark its end on Facebook as well ? Haha ! do you want it to be public ? No I guess !

Chill then!

1.     Go to your profile’s about section.

2.     Go to family & relationships.

3.     Under relationships, there’s a grey kind of icon on the right side. Click on that and change the privacy to ‘only me’.

And you are all done. Now this is one of the very old features you must know I feel.  

An about to come feature of Facebook

How about adding a spice to your pictures on Facebook? Like adding glasses to your beautiful eyes 😉 And some other cool editing features?

Well now this something new. This feature is already available on iphones and soon to be available on Android devices. There will be a magic wand icon – choose a picture to upload, click on the magic wand icon and from there overlay anything you want to the picture.

Security Enhanced

Now comes the  most important and very recent feature. Facebook added ‘security checkup’ tool through which you  can check out your last login from any unknown device or browser and alerts you every time when your account is accessed through any unfamiliar device or browser just like Gmail.

Dislike Button

Well another interesting upcoming feature of Facebook is dislike. By now, you could only “like” a post on Facebook or if  you fell like that the post is not worthy enough to be liked then at most you can undo the like you just hit. But now many of the users have requested Facebook to ad a “dislike” button as well so that a post can be “disliked” also and the number of dislikes will be counted same as the number of  likes on a  post .

But there is a  little controversy on this issue  that  whether this kind of feature should be actually added or not as one can hit the “dislike” or “thumbs down” button to turn down the other publicly out of negative feelings.

And then a point comes that the dislike button is useful to express the negative  emotions on a post of a death or loss.

So this “dislike” feature may or may not be added . Or who knows it might be added with few customization?

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So these were some upcoming & hidden features of Facebook which many users are not aware of. Hope this article made you know anything or something new about Facebook features which you can use.


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