How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

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Facebook, the social networking giant is loaded with a tremendous amount of features and many of those are not known to most of us. The feature to convert Facebook Profile to Page is definitely among one of them. Here in this article, we will be explaining about various aspects to be considered like Why, How, What etc. while migrating any personal account to a page. Few might already know the need for doing so, however, to make the article logical we will also explain why should you consider converting in addition to the methods.

Why Should You Convert Facebook Profile To Page?

If you are using your profile for promoting business on Facebook then you should better use a Page instead as according to Facebook Terms you cannot use your personal account/profile to represent something other than yourself, for instance, your business, institution etc.

So definitely you need a Facebook Page to represent/promote your business according to the Facebook policy. Now the advantage in using your profile as a Page is that all of your friends and followers will be converted to people who like your page. This way you don’t need to start from scratch i.e. creating a new Facebook Page for business and make followers from nil.

Here are a few other points that you can consider-

  • Not only this, but the Facebook page also provides Insights for the followers so you can keep a track of the numbers of people who like or follow your page.
  • Pages that are liked, are promoted more than the pages or profile that are followed.
  • In the Facebook profile, there is a limit of 5000 friends but there is no such kind of restriction for the number of people who can follow or like your page.

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Before proceeding to the methods, you should know what all information will be transferred and lost from your profile when you convert.

What All Will Be Transferred From Profile To Page?

  • As already mentioned above all your friends and followers will be converted to people who like your Page.
  • Your username will become your Page’s username.
  • Your current profile picture will become your Page’s Profile Picture.
  • You’ll continue with the same role on other Pages you manage.

What All Will Be Lost?

You will lose admin status for any groups and apps you manage from your personal account. So we recommend you to add new admins for those groups and apps if any before proceeding to convert.

We also recommend you to download your Facebook data before proceeding with the conversion. In order to download your Facebook data go to-

  • Settings, and below the General option on the left-hand panel select Your Facebook information. Then select the Download your information option from the right side.
Download your Facebook profile data
  • This will bring you to the downloading page. Here you can select whether you want to download all the data like photos, videos, comments, and many others. Or only select the required ones. It allows selecting the range of dates for which you want to download the data. And also the format i.e HTML or JSON and the quality of the file. Once you are done, click on Create file. Then Facebook will create the file with all your data and once it’s finished it will let you know.
Download file - Facebook profile data
  • You can then download it from the Available files section as shown below. The file size and time to create will depend on the options that you have selected to download.
Download Facebook profile data

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Steps To Convert Profile To Page

Finally, you can proceed by following the steps given below :

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Follow this Facebook link to start conversion. Then it will take you directly to the migrating section, select Get Started.

Convert Facebook profile to page

3. Now here you have to select the Page category. Or enter the keywords and select accordingly and then click Next.

Choose page category

4. You will also get the option to select existing friends and followers, even friend request to convert into page followers. Then you can also select the existing videos, photos, and albums that you might want to migrate into your page. Again once done select Next.

5. At last, it will show the details of your selection in the Review tab. If you are satisfied with them click on Create Page.

Use Facebook personal profile as page

6. Facebook will then take a few moments and provide you with the preview of your page.

Publish Facebook page

Once the setup is complete click on the Publish button and your Page will go live. You can download your Facebook page data to always have a backup with you just in case something goes wrong. Apart from combining you also merge Facebook pages if required.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Facebook Page For Business?

Having a Facebook page can help you in your Business in a lot of ways. Like-

  • Pages increase exposure.
  • You can focus and target the right audience by creating engaging and informative posts.
  • If you provide regular updates on your page it will increase trust and positive reviews.
  • You can gather more information about customer preferences and leads.
  • Add your website to the Facebook page in order to increase web traffic.
  • It can also be used to keep an eye on your competitors and be updated with the market trends.
  • And the most important thing, it will cost you nothing.

Wrapping Up

Here you go! This is all we had to share about converting a profile into a page. We wish that all of your doubts relating to it were cleared after reading this article. Now you can successfully create a Facebook Page for your business by using your existing profile. Let us know if you face any problems.

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