How to Find and See Liked Pages on Facebook App and Website

Last Updated: July 29, 2017

Do you find useless posts all over your Facebook news feed? Most probably these posts are published by pages you liked long back but now their posts are no more interesting. It is a no-brainer really that you wish to edit these pages. Of course, you don’t remember the names of all of them and you are looking to see all liked pages on Facebook. This is where this tutorial will help you to find and see liked pages on Facebook app(Android and iPhone) and website. From that list you can easily go ahead and unlike the desired pages.

With time it is highly likely that you might have liked plenty of Facebook pages. Here’s how you can view them.

See Liked Pages on Facebook App

If you would like to view it on your iPhone or Android Facebook app then use the steps below. For website skip to the next method after this one.

Note: Screenshots are from the iOS app.

1. Launch Facebook app and tap on the Hamburger icon at the bottom right(iPhone) or top right(Android).

Find Liked Pages on Facebook App

2. Now, come down until you find Pages option. Tap on it.

3. Under Pages, again select the option that reads Pages.

4. On the top, you will see your pages. Following that list, you should see a Liked Pages label.  Under that tap on See All.

How to See Liked Pages on Facebook app android and iPhone

5. The next screen will show all the liked pages. You can tap on the downward pointing arrow against the desired page to get the options to Unlike, Invite others to like or visit their page.

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View All Liked Pages on Facebook Website

1. Visit Facebook website and login if you have not done so already.

2. On the news feed(home) screen click on Pages. You will find it on the left sidebar under Explore section.

How to View Liked Pages on Facebook website

3. The next screen will show the pages you own by default. Click on Liked Pages tab at the top.

How to See All Liked Pages on Facebook

4. With this, you will be able to see all the pages you have liked. Unlike on the app, you cannot unlike a page directly from this page. You will have to click on the desired page and then unlike it from their timeline.

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If you are looking to unlike multiple pages at once then I am afraid it is not possible as of now.

We hope that you were able to see liked pages on Facebook and edit or unlike them. If you feel that this article adds value then don’t forget to share it on social media.


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