How to Search Facebook Messages in All or Specific Conversations

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

Are you looking for a specific Facebook conversation you had with one of your friend on messenger? Or maybe you want to find all the conversations containing a certain phrase or word on Facebook Messenger. If that seems like your story then we got a solution for that which is shared in this tutorial. The Facebook Messenger Android and iPhone apps don’t have the search feature as of now. But you can make use of the Facebook website to easily search Facebook messages on a computer or your smartphone’s browser.

Search Facebook Messages

With time we find ourselves having a huge archive of messages. This makes it really taxing and time-consuming to search for a specific conversation on messenger. But who said that you have to search manually. Follow the steps below to quickly find old messages on Facebook Messenger.

1. Visit the Facebook website on your desktop or PC browser and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

2. On the Home screen, click on Messenger at the left sidebar.

Search Facebook messages

3. This will take you to the Messenger screen with all your conversations listed.  Now, if you want to search in all your conversations then click on Search Messenger text field on the left sidebar at the top of conversations. Key in the search word or phrase.

Find Old messages on Facebook messenger

4. This will show all the users with the word you entered above but just above the listed users notice an option that says – Search Messages for “keyword”. Click on it.

5. All the conversations containing that keyword or phrase will appear. You can click on the desired one to see the messages. Click on up or down arrow at the top left in the conversation to quickly go to the occurrences of that keyword in that particular conversation.

Search old Messages on Messenger

6. In case you only want to search in a particular friend’s conversation then select that conversation by clicking on it in the Messenger thread screen. On the right side, click on Search in Conversation. Enter the desired keyword then press Enter or click on Search at the right side of the search field.

Search in specific Messenger conversation

Search Old Messages on Messenger on Android or iPhone

As I mentioned earlier, Messenger app currently doesn’t have the search functionality. But if you wish to search Facebook messages on iPhone or Android then you can open the Facebook website on your smartphone’s browser and use the same steps above.

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We hope that these methods helped you to find old messages on Facebook Messenger without any hassle. If you found the guide helpful then please share it on social media.


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