How To Disable Safe Mode on Android Device

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No operating system is free of problems, and that includes Android. Since Android is open source, it is exposed to quite a few problems. Good thing is that you can count on a useful feature called Safe Mode. It’s a feature that is there to help us get to the bottom of whatever is causing us problems. You’ve obviously done your homework on how to boot into safe mode but you’re having some trouble getting out of it. The good news is that you won’t have to turn to complicated software to get the job done. You can disable safe mode on Android with a few simple methods.

Ways to Disable Safe Mode on Android

There are three ways to get out of safe mode on Android device.

1) Restart Your Android Device

how to turn off safe mode in Android device - reboot

I know you’ve heard this tip so many times, but have you tried it? It’s always recommended for a reason. Sometimes that’s all you need to get your Android device out of safe mode. Safe mode is not made to stay on for more than a session, so if you reboot you should be able to get out of it.

2) The Button Combination Method

This method might or might not work depending on the type of Android device you have. Some could tell you that it won’t work while others will tell you it’s the method that worked for them. It’s worth a try since you never know what the result will be.

  • Turn off your Android device and turn it back on. While it’s booting, press the volume up and power button at the same time. If pressing the volume up button didn’t work, you can repeat the process but this time press the volume down button.

3) Pull Out The Battery

how to disable safe mode on Android phone - pull out battery

  • Before you even think about pulling out the battery, make sure that you turn off your Android device first. Once it’s off, open the back of the device and take out the battery. Leave it out for a few minutes so that all the power can drain.
  • Pull out the SIM card while you’re at it and when the time is up put everything back in its place. Wait a few more minutes and then turn your device back on. The safe mode indicator should now be gone.

4) Factory Reset

Drastic times call for drastic measures. You’ve tried everything and that safe mode indicator just won’t go away. A factory reset should only be your option if every possible method out there hasn’t worked for you. Before you do a reset, you should know that everything on your phone is going to be erased.

  • That’s why you should create a backup of everything you don’t want to lose. If you’re sure that this is what you want to do, go to your device’s settings and then to Backup and Reset. Your Android device will show you what a reset involves and what information will be lost.
  • If you’re still sure that this is what you want to do swipe all the way down and tap on Reset. The time this will take will depend on how much data you have on your phone. This method is also helpful to clean out your Android device and get rid of anything that was slowing it down.


Safe Mode is made to help us solves problems but sometimes it can turn into one when you can’t disable it. Here you have various methods to turn off safe mode on Android phone. If you have any questions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, do share which method helped you to disable safe mode on your Android device.

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