How to Remove Facebook Page From Group and Stop Posting as Page

Follow this guide to remove Facebook page from group. If you have unlinked Facebook group from the page and still seeing that page as a profile which can post to the group then you can follow this guide to remove Facebook page from the toggle menu while posting in a group. Hence stopping the Facebook page from posting in the group.

Recently Facebook rolled out a handy feature of linking Facebook groups and pages. Linking Facebook pages and groups meant that it was possible to post as a Facebook page in groups. This allows users to give their page more exposure and build a community around it. Everything about the feature from linking, posting in Facebook groups as a page to unlinking the group and page is mentioned in my earlier article. However, I faced an issue while removing the page from the group.

At first, I ignored it thinking that it might be some sort of glitch in my account. But one of our readers(Erin) encountered the similar issue where even after unlinking the group the Facebook page was showing up in the group toggle menu while posting and it could still post.

Unlink Facebook group and page
Even after unlinking the group and page, Facebook page can still post in the group

After looking at Erin’s comments I knew that there is something to it. After digging deep into it I found out an interesting thing that you should also know.

Unlinking Facebook group from page only removes the page as an admin of the group. The unlinked Facebook page still remains the group member. You can verify the same using the following procedure.

After unlinking the Facebook group from the page by going to that particular Page > Groups > clicking on the down arrow against Group name and selecting Unlink Group. Navigate to the group which you just unlinked from the Facebook page. Under that group, click on Members. In Members, you will see that particular page listed. On selecting Admin tab, you won’t find that particular page because you unlinked it.

As the Facebook page is still a member of the group it shows the up as a profile that can post to the group in the toggle menu.

You can follow the method below to remove the Facebook page from the group and hence removing it from showing up in the toggle menu while posting in a group.

Remove Facebook Page From Group

1. Go to the Facebook group from which you wish to remove the page.

2. Click on Members under that group.

3. In Members, you will see that particular Facebook page which you might have unlinked from Groups option in Facebook pages.

4. One of the members will be that particular page which you wish to remove from the group. Click on the cog icon below the page name and select Remove from Group.

Stop Facebook Page from posting in group

5. Confirm your decision by clicking on Leave Group.

That’s all there is to it!

This will remove the Facebook page from the group and also remove it from the toggle menu in the group while posting.

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With this, your Facebook page will no longer be able to post in the group. You can always link the group again later if desired.

We hope that this guide helped you to remove Facebook page from group and stop it from posting. If you think it will help other users then please share it on social media.

If you face any issues then let us know in the comments.


  1. I have followed the above instructions but my page is still able to post in my group even though they are not a member or admin. Any advice?

  2. i had already removed the page from the members group and im still getting the option on my phone to choose from my page or my profile to post. on my ipad app i can only post as the page, not possible to post as myself. very frustrating

  3. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS PAGE!!! I finally unlik and figure it all. Lesson learned, NEVER Link Page. hahahaha. Thanks Hemant!

  4. Thank you for this. I was so happy
    To find it–it’s been driving me crazy. However, I can’t remove the “member.” Just block it?

    • Hi Penny, I am glad to know that this helped you out. For members also you should get remove option if you are a Group admin.


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