How to Use Emoji Shortcuts on iPhone Instead of Switching Keyboards

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If you use Emoji in most of your text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp conversation or any instant messaging app for that matter then this tip will help you type faster and save a lot of time. Personally, I use emojis in almost every message I send. So setting up Emoji keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone was a life saver for me. I highly recommend for all iOS users to go through this easy guide to enable emoji shortcuts on iPhone/iPad. This will help you to type emojis without switching keyboards hence speeding up the typing speed. The method is almost similar to adding keyboards shortcuts for most used phrases.

With the help of Emojis, one can express their emotions in a far better and easier way. I cannot imagine using a chat app without emojis. So, not using emojis in messages to save time is not an option here. But to type emojis, one has to switch to Emoji keyboard and then back to the usual letter keyboard to type text. Switching keyboard eats up important time while having long conversations. Apple realizes this and has included a clever setting in iOS which can be used to enable emoji keyboard shortcuts on iPhone.

So, let’s dive into it.

Use Emoji Shortcuts on iPhone to Type Faster

First, you will have to add Emoji keyboard if you don’t have it already which I highly doubt.

But just in case if you don’t have it then go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard… > select Emoji in the list.

With this emoji keyboard will be added. You can remove Emoji keyboard after creating emoji keyboard shortcuts if desired.

Now let’s get to creating emoji shortcuts.

Create Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Launch Settings app and select General.

2. Under General, tap on Keyboard.

iOS Keyboard Settings

3. Next, select Text Replacement.

4. In Text Replacement screen, tap on + icon at the top right corner.

Text replacement iOS

5. Now, in the Phrase field type the Emoji by switching to Emoji keyboard. And in the Shortcut field type the text or symbols you want to use to type or get that Emoji. For more clarity have a look at the image below.

Create Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone

6. Tap on Save at the top right corner.

With this, the keyboard shortcut for the emoji will be created and saved. Similarly, you can create keyboard shortcuts for other desired Emojis.

To use the emoji shortcuts head over to Messages app or WhatsApp. Open any conversation and start typing the text/symbols you set for the emoji. It will appear in the Predictive text. From there you can tap on the emoji or tap on space and it will be typed in the message text.

Use Emoji Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad

If Predictive is disabled then on typing the symbol/text for the emoji, a preview of emoji will be shown. On tapping space, the Emoji will be typed in the message.

Enable Emoji Shortcuts on iPhone

You know what to do next very well.

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We hope that this article helped you to setup Emoji keyboard shortcuts. From now on you don’t have to switch keyboards to include Emojis in your messages. Do you use and find Emoji shortcuts on iPhone handy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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