How to Share Location on iPhone Using iMessage In Two Ways

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Being an iOS user you should be delighted by the plethora of features introduced in Messages app with iOS 10.

Be it bubble/screen effects, Messages app from App Store, handwritten messages or read receipts for certain contacts, all of them enriched the messaging experience. But there is one handy feature which we missed earlier.

It is possible to share location on iPhone using iMessage with iOS starting from the version 10 and up to the latest version.

You can share your live location in Messages app or even share your location for an hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely.

In this tutorial, we let you know how to enable and share/send location in Messages on an iOS device.

So, let’s get started.

Share Location on iPhone With iMessage

After knowing this feature, you will no longer have to type your location whenever someone asks for it in the Messages app. You will be able to directly send the location instead. A much better, quicker and a safer option too. Isn’t it?

Please note that you can send your location only to the contacts who use an iOS device and have iMessage enabled. It is not possible to send location with text messages (SMS).

To be able to send location with Messages app you will have to allow location access to it.

Enable Messages to Access Location

1. Open Settings app and tap on Privacy.

2. Next, select Location Services.

3. Under Location services, flip Location Services switch to ON.

4. Now, tap on Share My Location just below the Location Services switch.

5. Toggle Share My Location to On and select This Device in From option.

6. The last thing you need to do is navigate back to the Location Services screen and select Messages where apps are listed. Tap on While Using the App to give location access to Messages app.

Enable Location in Messages app on iOS

Once you have enabled location services and allowed location access to Messages you are all set to share your live location on the iOS device using Messages.

Send Live Location in Messages on iPhone In Two Ways

1. Open Messages app and select the desired iMessage conversation with whom you wish to share your location.

2. Now, there are 2 ways you can share your current location with iMessage.

First Method

  • Tap on the (Information/Details) icon at the top right corner
  • Select Send My Current Location.

Share Location on iPhone using iMessage

Second Method

  • Type “I am at ” or “I’m at ” in the message field. You will see an option of Current Location in the predictions.
  • Tap on Current Location to send your live location on the fly.

Share location using iMessage on iPhone

  • To get the prediction you will have to turn on the Predictive keyboard. (Settings > General > Keyboard > Toggle Predictive to On).
  • With this, your live location will be shared. Tapping on the sent map in Messages will open it in the Maps app and the recipient can get directions to your location if desired.

Share your Location For Specific Time in Messages on iOS Device

Apart from sharing the current location, it is also possible to share location for one hour, until End Of Day, or indefinitely. Pretty helpful when you are visiting a new location and worried about safety.

Here’s how you can share your location in Messages for a certain amount of time:

1. Open Messages app and select the desired iMessage conversation.

2. Again tap on the i icon at the top right corner but select Share My Location this time around.

3. Select the desired time you want to share your location.

Share location for specific time in iMessage on iPhone

4. You might see a pop-up letting you know that Share My Location is disabled if it is not already enabled on your iOS device. To enable it you can tap on Settings in the pop-up. It will take you to the exact settings page and you can flip the Share My Location switch to On.

Send Location in Messages on iOS device

Alternatively, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Share My Location and toggle it to On.

If you don’t get the pop-up then obviously Share My Location is already turned on in System Services.

This setting needs to be turned on in order to share location for a specific amount of time.

If later you realize that you don’t need to keep sharing your location for the time you chose earlier then you can tap on Stop Sharing My Location option present under the same screen where you started sharing it.

Alternatively, you can simply log out of iMessage.

If you use Google maps or Facebook Messenger then you can share trip progress in Google maps and send live location to friends on messenger respectively.

Final Words

We hope that this guide helped you to share location on iPhone with iMessage. If you think that this article adds value then please share it with your friends on social media.

Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments below.

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