How to send iMessages with bubble and screen effects in iOS 10

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iOS 10 brought most of the changes to iMessages compared to anything else. If you are still unaware of the features added to the Messages app then you should definitely read this article as I will share how to send iMessages with bubble and screen effects in iOS 10. Using these effects will make your messages more engaging and interesting leading to an altogether overwhelming experience.

Send iMessages with screen effects without any issues

I really love the new special screen effects which come with the messages. Believe me or not, I have stopped using WhatsApp for all my contacts on iOS. It is so amazing and I am pretty much sure you will too switch to iMessages after reading this piece. So, let’s dive in.

Send iMessages with bubble and screen effects

If you are unable to use the new message effects and still cannot get them to work then use the following steps.

1. Open Messages app and select the desired conversation.

2. Type in the message as you would normally do.

3. Now, this is the key step if you want to send iMessage with special screen effects.  Long tap the Send button(upward arrow icon).

4. Here you will find 2 types of effects categorized under 2 tabs Bubble and Screen at the top. Bubble messages will give special effects when your message is seen by the recipient. Tap on the checkbox adjacent to the desired effect name. On selecting,  it will give you a preview of the effect as well. You can try out all four of them. Personally, I don’t like Invisible Ink much and use Slam and Loud effects a lot 😛 After selecting the desired bubble effect tap on Send.

Send iMessage with Bubble and screen effects

To send messages with screen effects select the Screen tab from the top. There are five screen effect options available. Messages sent with Screen effects. To switch to different effects swipe left and right on the screen. When you are finally on the desired screen effect, select Send(upward arrow icon).

Send iMessage with special screen effects iOS 10

Woah! You just sent an iMessage with stunning Effect. After updating to iOS 10, I have used Messages app the most when instant messaging apps are considered. You just can’t resist using it.

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We hope that you were able to send iMessages with special effects in all new iOS 10 using this tutorial. If you like the tips then Subscribe to our Newsletter for more to be delivered to your mailbox. Also, do not forget to share your experience with these special effects.

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