Learn How To Bold Text On iPhone With Our Guide

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Have you wondered if you can make your iPhone text easier to read? Bold text is easier on the eyes and more legible. If you didn’t know, you can bold the general text on your iPhone. 

I’ve put together a guide to show you how to activate bold text on Apple devices. In addition to this, you’ll also learn how to add bold text to your text messages too. Read on to learn more. 

How To Bold Text On Your iPhone

The bolded text has a number of different purposes. It can be used for emphasis or to make things easier to read. As you’ve noticed, we make text bold for parts of our articles to make key areas of our own content stand out. 

But besides emphasis, bolded text can also make things easier to read, which is always appreciated. For this tutorial, I’ll cover how to bold your iPhone’s general texts, as well as how to bold text in apps such as Notes or the Messages app. 

Read on to learn how to get even more out of your iPhone. 

How To Enable Bold Text On iPhone

To get started, I’ll cover how to enable bold text on your iPhone or iPad. This will work for iOS device text and most app text and make it more legible.  However, it won’t affect the text you see on websites. 

In those cases, I recommend using Reader Mode in Safari to help make it easier to read online text. Another important note is that activating the bold text won’t make the messages you send bold. Those will still be in the default font. However, I will show you how to send formatted text later. 

Here’s how to activate bold text on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Display & Brightness option in the settings menu. 
Display & Brightness option inside Settings app in iPhone
  1. Scroll until you see the Bold Text setting and then tap the toggle switch to turn it on. This will turn off the default setting for the general text on your iPhone and make it bold.
Bold text toggle switch inside Display & Brightness option
  1. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of regular text vs. bolded text on your iPhone.
Comparison of a regular and bold text on an iPhone device

Here’s a video demonstration showing you how to enable bold text on iPhone:

How To Bold Text In Notes Or iMessage

One of the most common places people bold text is in their text messages or the Notes app. This is usually done for emphasis. 

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to bold text in the Notes app. The same method can be used for your text messages as well. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Notes app and type the text that you want to bold. 
Typing a text to be bolded in Notes app in iPhone
  1. Select text you want to bold and from the mini menu above, tap the arrow to show the additional options which include the Bold, Italic, and Underline. These allow you to format text and are what you’ll use for this step. 
Selecting the text to see additional options like Bold, Italic, and Underline by tapping the arrow
  1. Afterward, tap the Bold text option to bold the highlighted text.
Tapping the Bold text option in iPhone notes app

Here’s a video showing you how to bold text in the Notes app:

How To Activate Subject Line In iMessage

Manually bolding text in the messages app is not the only way to have bold text in your messages. Another way to do so is by adding a bolded subject line to your messages

Doing this helps your messages to stand out and they can come in handy for professional messages too.

Here’s how to add a subject line to your iMessage:

  1.  Open the Settings app on your phone then scroll until you see Messages and tap it.
Messages app inside the Settings option in an iPhone
  1.  In the Messages menu, scroll near the bottom of the page and under the SMS/MMS setting, tap the toggle switch next to Show Subject Field to activate it. 
Toggle switch to Show Subject Field on SMS
  1. Now that it’s active, open iMessage and begin typing a message. You’ll notice a subject field, as well as the regular text message field. What you type in the subject field will be bolded, unlike the regular text body. 

However, note that there is a limit to how much you can type in the subject field for it to be bolded. If you try to type your entire message in this field, then the bolded text will return to normal.  

Subject field present inside the Message app in iPhone

Here’s a video showing you how to add a subject line to your iMessage:


Can You Bold A Text On iPhone?

You can bold a text on iPhone. There is the option to bold one word or a sentence or more in the Notes or messages app. You can also bold all the general text on your iPhone via the Settings app to make your text more legible. 

Bolding Text On iPhone – Wrapping Up

What’d you think of this article?

I know bold fonts can offer a lot of benefits for iPhone users. As mentioned before, besides emphasis and making parts of a text message stand out, it can also make things more legible. This can especially help visually impaired iPhone users. 

As you’ve seen, enabling bold fonts on your iPhone is easy. It works for bolding a text in a text message or in the Notes app or activating the subject line in iMessage. In addition to this, using bold fonts for all your iOS general text also works wonders.

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