How to change WhatsApp font size on Android and iPhone

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

Users are trying to get the most out of the best instant messaging app WhatsApp. Few of the features you might want to use are to Change WhatsApp font Style and size. We have already covered WhatsApp font style so here we are with an article which will let you know the procedure to Change WhatsApp font size on Android and iOS devices.

Change WhatsApp font size on Android and iPhone

You may need a bigger or smaller text size in WhatsApp depending on your device screen. If the device is a tablet then definitely it is recommended to make the font size of WhatsApp messages larger for better visibility. Here’s how you can change font size on WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp font size


1. Open WhatsApp Settings. Tap on Menu(3 vertical dots) at the top right on the WhatsApp Home screen. Select Settings.

2. Select Chats under Settings.

3. Tap on Font Size under Chat Settings.

4. There are 3 options to choose from – Small, Medium and Large. Select the desired font size.

Change WhatsApp Font Size Android

On opening the conversation, the messages text size will become larger or smaller depending on what you selected above.

It is not possible to have custom font size on WhatsApp official app.


Unlike Android, there is no setting to change font size on WhatsApp in the app. But iPhone/iPad users don’t have to be disappointed as the iOS feature to vary text size comes in handy to achieve this.

1. Open Settings app and select Display & Brightness.

2. Next select Text Size.

3. Under text size you can drag the slider to change font size.

Change Font Size on WhatsApp iPhone

Now when you open WhatsApp conversation the next time the font size will be changed.