How To Change Font Size And Style On WhatsApp On Android And iPhone: Make The Font Smaller, Bigger, Or Change The Style

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Users are trying to get the most out of the best instant messaging app WhatsApp.

A few of the features you might want to use are to change WhatsApp font style and size. So, here we are with an article that will let you know the procedure to change WhatsApp font size and style on Android and iOS devices.

You may need a bigger or smaller text size in WhatsApp depending on your device screen. If the device is a tablet then it is definitely recommended to make the font size of WhatsApp messages larger for better visibility. Here’s how you can change the font size on WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp Font Size

Android (With Video)

  1. In WhatsApp Settings, tap on the kebab menu icon at the top right on the WhatsApp Home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Chats under Settings.
Settings > Chats
  1. Tap on Font Size under Chat Settings.
  2. There are 3 options to choose from: Small, Medium, and Large. Select the desired font size.
Small, Medium, Large

Upon opening a conversation, the text size of the messages will become larger or smaller depending on what you selected above.

You can watch our video as well:

It is not possible to have a custom font size on WhatsApp official app.

iOS (With Video)

Unlike Android, there is no setting to change the font size on WhatsApp in the app. But iPhone/iPad users don’t have to be disappointed as the iOS feature to vary text size comes in handy to achieve this.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Display & Brightness.
Settings > Display & Brightness
  1. Next select Text Size.
  2. Under text size, you can drag the slider to change the font size.
Font Slider

Now when you open a WhatsApp conversation the next time, the font size will be changed.

Larger Font

Watch this video:

Change WhatsApp Font Style In Your Message (Video)

You can change the font style of the text of the message that you have typed but not sent yet in a couple of ways.

Using Built-In Formatting Panel

After you type your message, do the following actions:

  1. Press and hold to select the text.
  2. Tap on the kebab menu in the pop-up menu that appeared on top of the text.
  3. Select Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Monospace to change the text style.

Using Special Characters

Alternatively, you can use special character to change the font style of your text while typing.

Here’s the list of special characters to change the font style in WhatsApp message:

  • For Monospace: Add “` (three backticks or left quotes) before and after the message
  • For Italic: Add _ (one underscore) before and after the message
  • For Bold: Add * (one asterisk) before and after the message
  • For Strikethrough: Add ~ (one tilde) before and after the message

Note that only for Monospace, you need to type a special character three times. For the other special characters, you need to add only one char before and after the text you wish to style.

For the steps, we will use the backtick ` as an example:

  1. Type ` three times.
  2. Type your text
  3. Type ` three times again.
    The “` symbols disappear and the font of your text will change to Monospace.
  4. Send your message!

Here’s how your message should look like:

WhatsApp font style trick
Notice the three characters ` (backticks or left quotes) before and after the message

Once you send it, the special character (or characters) before and after the message will disappear and the message will be delivered in a different font style!

Watch our video:

Where To Find Backtick `

On iPhone

On the WhatsApp iOS app, the character ` is somewhat hidden.

To get it, do the following:

  1. Switch to the Number keyboard.
  2. On the number keyboard long-press the Apostrophe ‘ character until the character options appear.
  3. Now, select the leftmost character.
iPhone ```

On Android

It is much simpler in Android compared to the iPhone app. Simply switch to the Symbols keyboard and you will find the character ` there.

Image credit:

On WhatsApp Web

On WhatsApp Web, the character ` can easily be found on the keyboard. Usually, it’s located on the let top corner of the keyboard.

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How do I change the font size on WhatsApp Web?

To change the font size on WhatsApp Web, you need to change the font in your browser. In Chrome, simply tap Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to increase of decrease the size of the font. Note that it will change the font size only on the page you are browsing.

What is font size in WhatsApp?

The font size in WhatsApp by default is Medium. You can change it to Small or Large by going to Settings > Chats > Font size.


So, these were the methods with which you to change WhatsApp font size and style. Just be aware that changing font in your WhatsApp status updates is done in the updates themselves.

If you like the tips then do share them with your friends. Don’t forget to share any other WhatsApp tricks or hacks you know in the comments section.

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    I know its possible, because I accidently changed the font size to “small” – and now on the PC screen the text is virtually unreadable – which is SUPER annoying when the whole point of using WhatsApp on a PC is to make the text more readable……..


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