How To Send Fake Location On WhatsApp On iPhone And Android

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Well, the users landing here are obviously looking to send fake location on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. Here in this article, we will let you know the method to share and also how to figure out if someone has sent you a counterfeit location.

You may face situations where you wish to share incorrect locations with either your friends or family. Maybe you just want to tease or prank someone by sending them any desired location as your current one like you can do by setting empty status or sending blank messages.

So without any further delay let’s see how.

The procedure for sending a location is more or less the same in Android and iPhone with minor differences. The methods are the same, but for Android, we have an additional method to send the mock locations and even false live locations.

Fake Your Location On iPhone

First of all, you need to switch on your GPS location services. To switch on your GPS location services go to Settings. Under Settings select Privacy and then go on to select Location Services and toggle the button to On. Make sure WhatsApp is allowed to access your GPS location.

Once your location services are on, go to WhatsApp, select the chat of contact, and then:

1. Tap on the bottom left button(the plus icon), the same button with which you share the photo from the Camera Roll. Select Location from the options available. Refer to the screenshot below.

send location in WhatsApp on iPhone

2. Now if you want to share the original location just tap on Send Your Current Location appearing on the screen.

Original location

3. To share fake location on WhatsApp, type the Location in the search box at the top of the screen and tap search, then go on selecting the location which the search results show.

fake location

As per your choice, you will successfully send the location, original or fake one to the selected contact on WhatsApp in iPhone after following the above procedure.

Whatsapp location - Fake vs Original
1 – Fake Location
2 – Original Location

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Fake Your Location On Android

You can either send the location using the same method as above on Android or you can use a third-party app to do the same. The only difference is that, with this app, the recipient will not be able to determine whether you have sent a false location or the real one.

Using WhatsApp

The procedure remains the same as the iPhone. The difference being, use the button on the bottom right (attachment symbol) to send location and use the search option if you want to send a fake one.

WhatsApp Location on Android
1 – Original Location
2 – Fake Location

Note: Location Services must be on.

Using A Third-Party App

1. Head over to Play Store and download the Mock Locations app for free. Now remember, to use this app successfully, you will need to enable or select this app as the mock location from the Developer options. Learn how to enable Developer options.

2. Once the app is installed, head over to the Developers option, and search for, Select mock location app. Then select the application that you have downloaded.

set mock locations

3. Now open the application to set a fake location. Drag the map, and long press on the location you desire until a pin appears. Then from the top left side, tap on the green tick to set it as your default location.

Mock locations app

Also, remember to hit the pause button after that to keep the location enabled, or else it will turn off after a few seconds.

4. Then open WhatsApp, and repeat the same process of sending your location. Here you will now see your current location as the one you just selected using the Mock locations app. Using this method, you can even send fake live locations without any issue.

Fake Live Location
1 – Original Location sent using WhatsApp
2 – Fake Location
3 – Fake Live location

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How To Figure Out If Someone Has Sent You A Fake Location?

I bet that most people don’t know about this WhatsApp trick. If someone has shared a fake location using the WhatsApp location option, it will come with the address text and red pin dropped on the same and if someone shared their original location then it will come with only a dropped red pin and no text as shown in the picture below:

identify fake location

But if someone has sent it using a third-party mock location app then it can be hard to determine whether the location is false or not.

Now You Know How To Fake Your Location On WhatsApp

We hope that the article helped you to send a fake location on WhatsApp. And also to identify if someone sends you one. Let us know how many contacts you have caught sending it and the number of times you’ve used it. Also, share if it’s a useful feature or not.

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  1. if a person forward a location that he/she originally sent to you, it still show only a dropped red pin. How will you be able to know if the location shared is current location or was his/her previous location?


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