How To Set Empty Or Blank WhatsApp Status On Android and iPhone

In one of our earlier articles, we let you know how you can prank your friends by sending blank messages on WhatsApp. To continue with it, you can use the WhatsApp tricks mentioned here to put blank WhatsApp status or ‘About’ on your Android or iOS device and surprise your WhatsApp contacts.

Have you just seen someone in your contacts having a blank status? Never mind. In a few minutes, you too will be able to set empty status on WhatsApp. I will mention methods with which you can easily make WhatsApp status or ‘About’ invisible.

So let’s get started.

Put Blank WhatsApp Status

These methods are tested and updated in August 2018. They all work perfectly fine.

The first method will only work for Android users. So if you are an iOS user, it is better to skip it.

Method 1: Use Unsupported Characters to Get Empty Status/About(Android)

As the title says, this method uses characters that are not supported by WhatsApp in order to put blank WhatsApp status. These steps will allow you to make the About section blank on your profile. For a blank status/story, look at the second method.

1. Copy the following two characters  ⇨ ຸ

2. Head over to WhatsApp and open your profile.

3. Under profile, tap on About and phone number to edit it. Next either tap on existing ‘About’ text or on the pencil icon next to it to start editing. Long tap and select Paste to get the two characters copied earlier.

4. Now, this is the most important step. You need to remove the first symbol(arrow) and Select Save.

With this, you’re done. Here’s how your About will appear to others on your profile.

Hidden or Empty WhatsApp About

The above character won’t work for WhatsApp Status or 24-hour Stories. For that, use the one mentioned below instead.

Method 2: Blank Status/Story

You can use this method to set an empty “About” also.

1. Android users can install the Blank Messages app on Play Store from the following link.

2. Open the app and keeping the default option tap on Send.

Set Blank WhatsApp Status or Story

3. With this, WhatsApp will open showing an option to add a Status at the top. Select My status and then tap on green checkmark icon at the bottom right to proceed.

4. Next, the blank characters will automatically be typed in your status. All you need to do is select the desired background color using the Paint tray icon.

5. After you’re satisfied, tap on the Send icon.

In a flash, your blank Story will be added. Apart from the background color, no text will be there in your status. You can also use this app to send blank WhatsApp messages.

Blank whatsApp status

iOS users can take a screenshot with a black background and upload that image as a Status to have a blank one.

Method 3: Remove/Hide WhatsApp About(Android & iOS)

This method can be used by both Android and iPhone users. It uses the setting available in the official app to hide WhatsApp about making it appear as empty.

The screenshots are from the Android version but the process remains the same for iOS as well.

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

2. Under Settings select Account.

3. Next, go to Privacy and select About.

Set Empty About on WhatsApp

4. Finally, select Nobody.

After setting status to Nobody your About will not be shown. It will also look like a blank or Empty.

Android users have the luxury to choose from several methods. But iOS users, as usual, have limited options.

We hope that you were able to put a blank status, About or story on WhatsApp after following this article. Do you know any other method to keep a blank status? The comment section is all yours.


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