How to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app that uses only internet to send text messages, videos, audios, share locations and other stuff across all platforms has crossed 800 million active users. With the increase in number of WhatsApp users, users also seeking for different features like how to hide chat in WhatsApp, how to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp and more. You might know how to hide last seen in WhatsApp but the point is that you can hide it from everyone or no one but in this article we will tell you about a way with which you can hide it from specific people. You don’t have to block that person in order to hide last seen from him/her, just follow the simple method given below.

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Hide Last Seen from Specific People in WhatsApp

Benefits of hiding Last seen from specific people in WhatsApp

  • With given method, no need to block that specific contact in WhatsApp.
  • The specific contact will not be able to see your last seen status in WhatsApp.
  • You can see his/her last seen status.

Method to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp

Whether you are using iPhone, Android Phone or Windows Phone the method is same, you can achieve this with 4 simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy.
  • Look for Last Seen, click on it and select My contacts.
  • This will hide last seen for all contact, next what you have to do is delete the contacts from WhatsApp for whom you want to hide last seen. That’s it, now that specific contact will not be able to see your last seen however you can see his/her last seen status if he/she hasn’t disabled the last seen feature.

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Using the similar way that specific contact will also not be able to see status and profile photo, just you have to choose Profile Photo and Status instead of Last seen rest all steps are same.

Hope you are easily able to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp. If you still faced any issue please notify us via comments.

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16 thoughts on “How to hide last seen from specific people on WhatsApp

  1. How can I allow only certain contacts to see my “Last Seen”? I have too many contacts to delete.
    Will your suggestion be applicable to both iPhone & Blackberry?

  2. Hi need to show the display picture for particular circle of people and another circle with other dp is it possible

  3. Reg last seen, as I did all the above wt u said..If it s n wts app caling it show ma last seen to particular person

    1. See you have to select My Contacts option under Privacy->Last seen. And then whether that particular contact is there in your WhatsApp contact list or not. If it is there in the WhatsApp contact list, then remove it, no need to remove from phone-book. And the person will not be able to see your last seen.

  4. Deleting contacts means deleting form phone book.. As I could find option to delete contact from contact list in WhatsApp.

      1. Hi
        Tried to do as you suggested but the issue is if once we remove that person or persons whom we do not want to show our last seen status then we are deleting them from the whatsapp contact and hence the chat also gets deleted at the same time
        This aint silving the problem

  5. Hi
    How is it possible if someone chat with you on whatsapp and his status doesnt show online. They reply you but status not show..can i hide my online status when i m online.. thanks

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