How to use iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts : Top 5 tips

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Typing is one of the major activity which one is found doing on his/her smartphone. Keeping this in mind iPhone provides keyboard shortcuts which can be used to speed up typing and thus saving time. Most of them could be termed as “hidden iPhone tricks” which if used can increase typing speed of Mails, Messages or Notes. Here in this article, we will list down top 5 tips for using iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts which will definitely increase your typing speed.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip 1: Add Shortcut for Phrase

To avoid writing the whole phrase every time you can add shortcuts so that the next time you only type the shortcut to get the full phrase typed automatically for you. In order to add Shortcut follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings and Select General
  • Under General tap on Keyboard
  • Select Text Replacement under Keyboards
  • Tap on  + at top right corner of the screen to add a new shortcut
  • Enter a Phrase in Phrase field. For example, type – “See you Later!
  • Enter a Shortcut for the phrase entered above. For example, in this case, it can be – syl. You may choose any combination of letters for the shortcut.
  • Tap on Save at top right corner once you have entered the shortcut.
iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
Add and Save a Shortcut

Shortcut for the phrase is added successfully. In order to validate it, head over to Messages App and type syl. You will find See you later! in the text prediction area. You can quickly tap on it to add to it to your message content automatically without you typing it manually.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
Type the shortcut, Phrase will be presented

Similarly, you can add more shortcuts. You can use the same method to create Emoji shortcuts on iPhone.

Adding these shortcuts will definitely increase your typing speed.

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Tip 2: How to Add a period/full stop quickly 

This is a must-know tip for every iPhone user. One of the Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS allows you to type a full stop without even switching to numeric keyboard.Everyone uses full stops in their messages frequently, therefore this is a must use the shortcut. To use the shortcut you just need to double tap space and a full stop followed by a space will be typed for you automatically. The feature is enabled by default, however just to make sure you can check it under Settings > General > Keyboard > “.” Shortcut must be toggled to ON.

Using double tap to type a period followed by space will definitely speed up your typing.

Tip 3: How to Add/Use Hindi Keyboard in iPhone

If you are comfortable writing in Hindi or any other local language for that matter you can do so.  To use Hindi or any other Keyboard like Swedish, German etc. in iPhone go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Under Keyboards, select Keyboards. Select Add New Keyboard… under Keyboards.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
Add New Keyboard to use your local language


Select the Keyboard of your choice from the list. In order to switch between multiple keyboards use the globe button on the Keyboard.

This will increase your typing speed as you are more comfortable with your local language.

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Tip 4 : Use .com, .org while entering website address

In Safari once you have entered the website name you need not type the extension of the website instead long press period key and it will provide you with various domain extensions. Slide over to the desired one in order to select and automatically type it. This way you don’t have to type in the full extension thus saving time.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
List of domain extensions presented on long pressing period button

Tip 5: Use Gesture to Delete Text

In order to quickly delete entered text shake your iPhone and Select Undo from the pop-up alert.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts
Shake iPhone to delete text instantly


The latest entered text will be deleted instantly. With this method, you won’t waste time in deleting the incorrect text typed.

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These were the iPhone Keyboard shortcuts which if used will definitely increase your typing speed. So just enable these shortcuts and surprise friend, a colleague with your increase in typing speed. We wish that knowing these iOS Keyboard shortcuts and features will help you. Let us know which one you liked the most and share if you know a shortcut which is missing in the article.

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