Top 10 Untold Facts about Siri in iOS

Siri Untold Facts and Features

Siri was introduced with iOS 5 back in 2011 and has been a part of your iPhone since then. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant which is capable of doing most of your useful tasks on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by simply giving commands to it. Having said that there are not many … Read more

How to Turn Off VoiceOver On iPhone Or iPad: Here Are The Settings You Need To Change

How to use VoiceOver feature in iPhone

VoiceOver is one of the useful features included in iPhone which allows you to use and enjoy iOS features even if you are visually impaired. VoiceOver if enabled reads out everything that is happening on the screen from time, battery, who’s calling you, on which app your finger is on and more. VoiceOver is a … Read more

How To Instantly Turn On/Off AssistiveTouch In iPhone

How to Use AssistiveTouch in iPhone

iPhone is well known for its design and looks which easily outclass the other smartphones. Adding to the looks are a wonderful set of features that are included in the iPhone. These features are delivered with a lot of intelligence which helps users perform a variety of tasks conveniently and faster. One of the unique … Read more

How to use iPhone earphones Shortcuts : Top 7 tips

iPhone earphones shortcuts

Most of us wonder why are iPhone earphones expensive as compared to other smartphones, given that iPhone headphones are not so much better than other smartphone earphones in terms of sound quality or bass. However, after reading this article you will realize the power of iPhone headsets.This article will share useful iPhone earphones shortcuts and … Read more

How To Share Files Between iPhone, iPad, And Mac Via AirDrop: Follow These Steps

Wondering why are you not able to transfer files from your iPhone using Bluetooth? To put it clearly Bluetooth in iOS devices does not support file transfer even between iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. However, with iOS 7 Apple provided a feature named AirDrop with which you can transfer files between iPad, iPhone and … Read more

How to use iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts : Top 5 tips

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

Typing is one of the major activity which one is found doing on his/her smartphone. Keeping this in mind iPhone provides keyboard shortcuts which can be used to speed up typing and thus saving time. Most of them could be termed as “hidden iPhone tricks” which if used can increase typing speed of Mails, Messages … Read more