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Siri Features, interesting and Untold Facts about Siri in iOS

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How to send WhatsApp messages using Siri without any issues

One of the significant features introduced in iOS 10 is that Siri has opened up to third party apps. This means that now you can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages

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Top 14 iOS 10 Features coming to your iPhone this Fall[Infographic]

Ever since iOS 10 was announced at WWDC 2016, all iOS users have been waiting anxiously for its official launch. However, there have been quite a few beta versions launched

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Here’s everything announced at Apple WWDC 2016

Last night WWDC for this year kicked off with the awesome keynote dedicated to the efforts made and enhancements done to the new generation of the Apple’s line of operating

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Top 10 Untold Facts about Siri in iOS

Siri was introduced with iOS 5 back in 2011 and has been a part of your iPhone since then. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant which is capable of doing

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