How To Get And Use WhatsApp Chat Heads Without Root On Android

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Enable bubbles with the profile icons which are always there on your screen similar to those on Facebook Messenger on WhatsApp. Follow this tutorial to get WhatsApp chat Heads without root on Android.

If you’re wondering what the hell Chat Head is then let me give you an idea about it. It was first introduced by Facebook in its Messenger app.

The chat head appears like a bubble or dot on the screen with the profile picture of the person who sent the message. On tapping the chat head you can directly view and reply to the message without exiting the current application you were working on or without opening the Messenger app.

Chat heads are really useful and help in saving a lot of time apart from the soothing experience they provide. Now the question here is how to get Chat Heads for WhatsApp. As WhatsApp doesn’t have an official Chat head feature in its app. Continue reading to get the solution.

Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads

You can activate Chat Heads for WhatsApp with an awesome app on the Play store and there is no need to root your Android smartphone. Here’s how.

1. Download and install the Dashdow app.

2. After the installation is complete open the App. Select Notification Access to turn it ON. It will navigate to Settings.

Enable WhatsApp chat Heads

3. Toggle Dashdow for WhatsApp to ON and go back to the app.

Get Chat Heads for WhatsApp

You will get a Success dialog as shown below.

WhatsApp chat Heads without root

Keep the other settings as default(selected/ON).

Now, the next time you receive a WhatsApp message it will show up as a bubble with a profile picture of that contact and the message content as shown below. Tap on the bubble to view/read the message content.

WhatsApp bubble chat

Final Words

The advantage of using Chat Heads is that even if the notification disappears or is deleted, the Chat head will always be there.

You can read the message without going online on WhatsApp and without affecting the last seen.

They are not useful as the Chat Heads Facebook Messenger has, as the WhatsApp is opened as soon as you tap on the bubble, unlike Messenger.

Moreover, the Chat head disappears once you tap on it. But still, as they say, something is better than nothing as WhatsApp doesn’t have it officially you have to be content with this for now.

We hope you were able to get your doubts clear about Chat Heads and get them for WhatsApp. Do share this tutorial with friends and family if you enjoyed this WhatsApp trick. Do you find Chat Heads for WhatsApp useful?

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