How To Translate Webpage In Safari On iPhone Or iPad

How to Translate Webpage in Safari on iOS - Featured

There is so much valuable content available on the internet which remains inaccessible to most people due to language barriers. On average, a normal person knows one or two languages at most, but websites, blogs, and articles are written in several languages that most people don’t understand. To break this barrier, Google Chrome introduced the … Read more

How To Use Emoji Shortcuts On iPhone: Stop Switching Between Keyboards And Start Typing Fast!

Create and Use Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts iPhone or iPad

If you use emojis in most of your text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp conversation, or any instant messaging app for that matter then this tip will help you type faster and save a lot of time. Personally, I use emojis in almost every message I send. So setting up emoji keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone was … Read more

How To Send Location On iMessage: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Share Live Location in Messages on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably used the Messages app to communicate with your friends and family. Did you know that you can also send your location to them using Messages? It may come useful when you want your child to report their location and you do not want to use any spy apps … Read more

How To Email Multiple Photos Or Videos(More than 5) At Once From iPhone/iPad

Email more than five photos or videos at once from iOS device

As you might have found out that iOS has this irritating limit of emailing only five photos/videos at once from Photos app. It is pretty annoying and inconvenient when you want to share a large number of photos and videos taken on a trip. Personally, I face this issue daily while working. While writing tutorials … Read more

How to Install/Uninstall Apps from Messages on iPhone/iPad

Add/Remove Apps from Messages on iPhone/iPad

Messages App on iPhone was revamped big time with iOS 10. Features like handwritten messages, bubble and screen effects, secret messages using invisible ink and a lot more definitely revived Messages app. It made the iMessage experience fun and a lot more entertaining. Along with these excellent features, Messages app also got its own dedicated App … Read more

How To Remove Passes From Apple Wallet Quickly And Easily

How To Remove Passes From Apple Wallet Quickly And Easily

If you’re like most people, you probably have a Wallet full of digital boarding passes, rewards cards and event tickets, single-use passes, and coupons. But what happens when you no longer need them? In this article, I’ll show you how to remove a pass from Apple Wallet, as well as how to delete multiple passes … Read more

How to View and Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Safari on iPhone/iPad

View Recently Closed Tabs in Safari on iPhone/iPad

Did you accidentally close tab(s) on Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad? If yes, then there is no need to waste time searching for that web page/website again. Not many iOS users know about a handy Safari feature which allows seeing recently closed tabs.  In this tutorial, we will share information about this unknown Safari feature … Read more

How to Turn On/Off Handwritten Messages on iPhone/iPad

How to Turn on/off Handwritten Messages on iPhone

With iOS 10, Apple introduced a lot of features to the Messages app in iOS. They are all excellent features to have in a messaging app to enrich the instant messaging experience. One of them being handwritten messages in iMessage that eliminates a need in apps that convert handwriting to text. iOS users are enjoying it along … Read more