How to Infinite Zoom on Photos on iPhone or iPad

Most of us are impressed by the stable and clean design of iOS and its features. Apart from that, iOS offers a lot of nifty and hidden features which are left unexplored by even tech-savvy users. One such feature is infinite zoom on photos. You might have observed that the pictures or screenshots taken on your iPhone can be zoomed in till a particular point. This can be irritating at times when you wish to zoom in a little bit more than what the iOS allows. For the exact same reason, I share a smart and secret hack which will enable infinite zoom on photos on your iPhone or iPad.

Infinite Zoom on Photos on iPhone or iPad

1. Launch Photos app and open the photo for which you wish to get the unlimited zoom.

2. Tap on Edit(3 lines with dots icon) at the bottom row.

Crop Photos on iPhone or iPad

3. Next, tap on the Crop icon to the right of Cancel below the image.

4. Crop the photo a little bit and tap on Done at the bottom right to save the changes.

Infinite Zoom on Photos on iOS

This will do the trick! Now, try zooming into that photo which you just cropped above.

Woah! You will be able to zoom in infinitely without any limit. However, zooming in too much also doesn’t make much send but with this, you will be able to zoom in a little bit more than the limit set by iOS.

Similarly, you can crop other desired photos and unlock unlimited zoom for them too.

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