How To Easily Create PDF On iPhone & iPad For Free Without Any App

Create PDF on iPhone for free without app

Learn to quickly create PDF on iPhone & iPad for free without any app in this guide. You can even create PDF from iPhone photos using the same method mentioned here. Moreover, you can also convert a webpage to PDF and then add it to iBooks where you can view the desired webpage as an iBook. So, … Read more

iCareFone Review : Fix iOS Stuck, Speed Up iPhone and more

iCareFone review

In this article, we share a comprehensive review of iCareFone. The review will let you know what the software has to offer, its features, under what circumstances it can help you or your iOS device and how to use it. Is your iPhone stuck while you were trying to upgrade to iOS 10 or is … Read more

How to turn on Magnifier on iPhone and use it as a magnifying glass : iOS 10

use iphone as magnifying glass with the new magnifier feature

There are many significant inclusions to iPhone with iOS 10. But I am sure that not many out there would know about ‘Magnifier’ feature. It is not discussed much compared t but is as useful as other iOS 10 features.  And in this article, I will share everything about Magnifier feature. What is Magnifier, how … Read more

How To Send Messages With iMessage Screen Effects: Check This Out!

How To Send Messages With iMessage Screen Effects: Check This Out!

In this article, I will share how to send iMessages with bubble and screen effects. Using these effects will make your messages more engaging and interesting leading to an altogether overwhelming experience. I really love the new special screen effects which come with the messages. Believe me or not, I have stopped using WhatsApp for … Read more

How To Turn Off Read Receipts In iMessage For Certain Contacts

Turn off read receipts in iMessage for certain contacts

Read receipts in iMessage on iPhone can be disabled on a per-contact basis. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to turn off read receipts in iMessage for specific contacts as well as all contacts. Read receipts allows the sender to know whether you have seen or read their message. It also shows … Read more