How to Easily Create PDF on iPhone & iPad For Free Without Any App

Last Updated: February 19, 2017

Learn to quickly create PDF on iPhone & iPad for free without any app in this guide. You can even create PDF from iPhone photos using the same method mentioned here.

Create PDF on iPhone for free without app

How many times do we use our iPhone’s Camera and capture photos of documents like medical bills, invoices etc? Now if you want to share these documents with others it’s best to share a PDF instead of Photos.

PDF(Portable Document Format) is a powerful format and this cannot be denied because of its compatibility across different operating systems. There is no need for a software to open PDF files and you can even open PDF files without PDF reader. All in all, PDF is a quick and reliable way to share documents with anyone.

Keeping this in mind, I will let you know how to convert Photos to PDF on iPhone apart from creating a PDF for almost anything like web pages, Notes and more without using any app.

Create PDF on iPhone/iPad For Free

You will be happy and surprised at the same time to know that the functionality to create PDF is built right in your iOS device. But not many are aware of it. So, let’s see how to make use of the feature.

Save Website as PDF on iPhone/iPad

You can always convert web pages to PDF using iBooks on iOS. But the method, I am going to share now doesn’t even require iBooks app to be installed.

1. Open the desired web page or website on Safari browser.

2. I would highly recommend you to enable Readers Mode by tapping on the icon at the left corner in the address bar. Activating Readers mode in a web page will clear all the mess like ads, social sharing icons etc. which will improve readability and decrease the pages in the PDF document.


3. Now, tap on the share icon at the bottom and select Print. You should find it somewhere in the bottom row. Don’t panic there is no need of a printer.

Create PDF on iPhone/iPad for free

4. On the next screen, Printer Options will appear.

The web page will be listed as pages. Select the desired pages you want in the PDF document. By default, all the pages will be selected. Swipe towards the left to navigate to the other pages and remove them by tapping if desired.

5. After making the selection of pages, pinch and zoom near the area where you see the pages as if you are zooming into a photo.

6. The PDF is created, you can now share it with anyone by tapping on the Share icon at the bottom left. Select the desired medium. You have a choice to share it on WhatsApp as well.

Convert Web page to PDF on iPhone/iPad

You can send it to yourself via Email if need be.

Convert Photos to PDF on iPhone

As I stated earlier, this method is not only limited to web pages but you can also create PDF from iPhone/iPad images or Notes.

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Convert Photos To PDF on iPhone/iPad

1. Open Photos app and select the desired image you want to convert to PDF.

2. Tap on the Share icon at the bottom left. You can even select multiple images now if desired.

3. Now select, Print.

Create PDF From iPhone Photos

After this, the steps remains the similar to saving a web page as a PDF mentioned above.

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To conclude, you can use this sweet little method to create PDF file on iPhone wherever you get the Print option.

We hope that this article helped you to convert images to PDF or save any file as a PDF document. If you think it provides value then do share it on social media with your friends.

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