How to Turn Off iOS 11 Screenshot Thumbnail Previews on iPhone/iPad

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With iOS 11 came a lot of features to iPhone/iPad. One of them being screenshot thumbnail previews. Tapping on the preview opens up a screen that allows to edit and markup items in the picture. It comes in quite handy when you want to indicate or highlight something in a screenshot. However, most of the times it’s not required. Or you are not one of those who would need to edit screenshots. In such cases, the previews can be irritating. To help you with that here in this tutorial we have mentioned how to turn off iOS 11 screenshot thumbnail previews.

For someone like me being a blogger, I frequently get queries from readers. More often than not I attach a screenshot to explain clearly. And this new instant screenshot editing is going to speed up things and at the same time makes it easier to answer them. They have most of the editing options that are there are on macOS like adding text, highlighting, marking with different shapes etc.

But you might not want those thumbnail previews in your way when you take a screenshot. To get rid of them there are 2 ways you can go about it for now at least.

Turn Off iOS 11 Screenshot Thumbnail Previews

To make it clear upfront there is no need to tap on the thumbnail and select Save to Photos to save the screenshot to Camera Roll.  These options are to save the edited screenshot while the original screenshot image is stored automatically as it used to in iOS 10 or before.

Now, when you know this here’s how you can get rid of the screenshot thumbnail previews.

Method 1

Wait for a few seconds after which they will disappear automatically. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Method 2

If you want them to go immediately swipe left on the thumbnail preview and it will get out of your sight in no time.

Turn Off iOS 11 Screenshot Thumbnail Previews


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Currently, these are the two ways to disable screenshot thumbnail previews on iOS 11. However, it is highly likely that in future iOS update Apple will introduce a toggle switch to turn on/off immediate editing of screenshots. We will update this article if and when it happens.

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