How to Sync Reminders With Calendar on iPhone/iPad

If you are one of those who would like to add reminders to Calendar on iPhone or iPad then you happen to be at the right place. In this article, I will be mentioning ways with which you will be able to easily sync all the reminders with Calendar app on your iOS device for free.

How to add reminders to Calendar on iPhone for free

I always wished that whenever I create a reminder for a meeting or call using Reminders app, it should also appear in the Calendar app on my iPhone. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Having all the reminders in Calendar app will be useful in keeping everything more organized as you will see a consolidated list of tasks at one place. It will go a long way in planning things way ahead of time and hence improve your productivity. Moreover, the chances of missing any important task will diminish.

Looking at the advantages of showing reminders in Calendar app, I think you too would be interested in it. So without any further ado let’s get to it.

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Add Reminders To Calendar on iPhone

Currently, iOS doesn’t have the functionality to sync the reminders with Calendar. However, there are quite a few apps, free and paid that can help you in doing so. I tried a couple of freemium apps and they did the job free of cost.

App 1: Show Reminders In Calendar App

The first app I tried is by the name of MagiCal: Calendar & Reminders on App Store. It is a free app and also offers in-app purchases.

Download and install it on your iOS device.

After installation is complete, open the app. Allow this app access to Calendars and Reminders. Also, it makes sense to allow the app to send notifications.

The app will automatically pick up all the events from the Calendar app and reminders from Reminders app and show you at one place in the app as shown below.

Sync Reminders with Calendar on iPhone

You can even edit the Reminders from the app and the changes will reflect in Reminders official app too. To make changes to a reminder tap on it and you will get options to Change the due date, frequency etc.

How to Add Reminders To Calendar on iPhone/iPad
Edit Reminders From the App

There is also an option to Reschedule the reminder on the fly. In order to do that swipe towards left on the desired Reminder and select Reschedule. Set the new date and time and select Reschedule.

Show Reminders in Calendar app on iOS

Another cool feature of MagiCal Calendar & Reminders app is that it allows you to create Events and Reminders in simple English language. For example, typing “Digital Marketing Workshop tomorrow from 9AM-11AM” will automatically create the event for the desired time in your Calendar.

Show Reminders in Calendar app on iPhone

The app also has a neat Week view showing all the events.

Add Reminders to Calendar on iPhone

It will also send you a notification at the time of event or reminder.

Using MagiCal, I achieved almost everything I wanted and the free version is good enough for that. On top of all this, the app is ad-free.

App 2: Sync Reminders With Calendar App

You may also make use of Awesome Calendar Lite on App Store to show reminders and Calendar events at the same place.

This app too requires permission to Calendar and Reminders.

It has all the features like creating and modifying events and reminders within the app similar to MagiCal.

The week view in aCal Lite app is much better than the above app.

Add Reminders to Calendar app for free on iPhone

You need to tap on the day to see all the events and reminders for that particular day. You may then select a specific event or reminder for modification if desired.

The interface and options in aCal Lite app are a bit clumsy when compared to the MagiCal app.  It also contains ads.

Again, the free features of this app work quite well if you wish to get all the reminders and events at one place on your iPhone.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you can now easily sync your Calendars and Reminders on iPhone and avoid missing a thing in future. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to share it on social media.

Which method or app do you use to add reminders to Calendar app on iPhone? Let me know in the comments.


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