How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone and Android: Make Your Content On The Go!

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If you have ever wished to play songs on your smartphone and record video at the same time then this tutorial is for you.

Whenever I am on a road trip, I get the urge to play some cool soundtrack and capture the beautiful landscape to have a breathtaking video.

But as we all know as soon as we press that record button on the Camera app in our smartphone’s the music stops automatically. But worry no more, as I will share ways to get around it and record video while playing music on iPhone and Android.

Record Video While Playing Music iPhone Android

Record Video While Playing Music

If you are an Instagram or a Snapchat user then this is going to be really easy and quick for you. Well, you might also kick yourself of not knowing this till now.

In case you are not using these apps, download and install any one of the two from the respective App Store. After installing open either Snapchat or Instagram.

Before opening the app, play the desired song from your phone’s music app you want while recording the video.

Using Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat, here are the steps:

  1. Long tap the Capture button or you can even record video without hands on Snapchat/Instagram.
  2. Once the recording is done, you may also add text and filters if desired. You can even add two filters at once on Snapchat.
  3. At last, tap on Save at the bottom left of the screen to the right of Mute button.

Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone

Using Instagram

If you are using Instagram, here are your steps:

  1. you can use two options: either you can record a video from Instagram Story or upload a new post and select Video. In both the cases, just play the desired music track on your smartphone you want in the video.
  2. Under Story screen, long tap on the Capture button at the bottom center. After recording the video you may draw, add text or filters if desired.
  3. Finally, tap on Save at the top.


Where To Find Your Recorded Video With Music

In both the cases, the video with the Music you played will be stored in your phone’s Gallery or Camera roll.

After this, you can always share it on your favorite social media platform.

Wrapping Up

Yes, my friend, it is that simple.

Snapchat and Instagram don’t stop the music played on your phone while recording the video. You can leverage this feature to record videos and play songs at the same time on your smartphone.

We hope you like this simple and easy trick. Do share it with your friends to help them out as well.

Which method do you use to record video while playing music?

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  1. Do the videos recorded have sound? I can hear my accompaniment while recording, but the video replay is silent in Instagram. I need to play background music, sing a song, and record my voice.

  2. This covers video but not audio alone – how can I record Android audio at the system level, so working in any app I use to play the audio, please?


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