How to Share Live Location with Friends on Facebook Messenger

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The live location feature of Facebook will let you share your current location with your friends same as you share your trip progress using Google Maps. You can share live location using Facebook Messenger with one or multiple persons at once.

how to share live location using facebook messenger

This real-time location sharing feature helps you coordinate with your friend when you are going to meet him/her, or even when your friend is coming to pick you up from some location which is unknown to him, in such cases you can send your current location movement to your friend on Facebook Messenger.

How to share live location using Facebook Messenger

The steps to share your real-time location with your friend is same for Android as well as for iOS users. Befor proceeding, make sure that your Facebook Messenger is updated.

Note: The location will be shared for up to 1 hour with your Facebook friends. Facebook Messenger will automatically turn off the sharing location feature after 1 hour.

1) Open Facebook Messenger.
2) Next, open the conversation with whom you want to share location with.
3) Tap on the three dots at the bottom right as shown in the picture.

how to send current location on facebook messenger - 3 dots
4) Now tap on the location option, this may ask you to enable the location on your device if it is not already enabled.

how to share real time on facebook messenger - location
5) A map will appear with a marker pointed on your current location. Tap on Share Live Location. That’s it.

how to share live location using facebook messenger - share

You may notice there is a timer(with a limit of 1 hour) on the location you have shared.

How to stop sharing live location with Facebook Friends

If your purpose of sharing location is served within 1 hour, then you can manually stop sharing location. Here is how you can do it.

1) Open Facebook Messenger and open the conversation with whom you have shared the location.

2) Now, you will see the screen as shown below. Tap on Stop Sharing. That’s it.

How to share live location with friends on Facebook messenger - stop sharing

Once this is done, make sure to disable the location on your Smartphone to save battery.

How your friend can track your shared location

Below is how your friend can track your shared real-time location.

Your friend will receive a message notification on Messenger. Once they opens it, they can view your exact location on the chat screen itself.

This live location feature is very helpful as it allows you to share your real-time location with many of your friends at once. The only drawback I see is the limit to share the location with friends, which is 1 hour.

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