How to Delete Online Accounts When Someone Dies

When a person passes away, it gets very important to close all their online accounts including Google and social media accounts. You should completely remove all the accounts so that no one would be able to steal the data. The credentials of the accounts are not required in order to delete online accounts of a deceased user.

In some cases, the family members of the deceased user can even get the data of the online account as well as can get limited access.

Few social media company offering the memorialized account where the account will remain active in the remembrance of the deceased user but no one will be able to log in into that account.

Delete Online Accounts When Someone Dies

Below I have listed the online accounts for whom you can request for the deletion.


how to delete facebook account after users death - Facebook

Facebook comes first on the list when you are deleting social media accounts. A family member or a friend can make a request to Facebook to delete the account of a user who is no more. If the deceased user didn’t make you as a legacy contact on Facebook, you cannot get the access to their account. However, you can close the Facebook account permanently by making a memorialization request to Facebook.

Google Account

how to delete google account when someone dies

Google Accounts carries very important data like emails, docs, files in drives, Google Photos, Hangout chats and other accounts. So even if you want to delete Gmail account of the deceased user or all the accounts of Google, you have to submit some information to Google. Here is what you need to do in order to permanently remove Google account after the death of user.


how to close online social media accounts when someone dies- twitter

Like Facebook, Twitter is also concerned about the deceased user’s accounts and takes it seriously. They don not want someone to peek into the data of such accounts and keeps it secret. Only on the request from family or a friend, Twitter removes the account of the user permanently. Twitter first looks into the request submitted to close the account, processes it and verifies it and then close the account. Here is how you can make the request to delete the twitter account when someone dies.


how to remove account permanently after someone passes away

Another social media account you may look to delete is Instagram. The procedure is no different than Facebook. You have to submit a form to Instagram, where the Instagram team will verify the information submitted by you and then processes it further to delete the account. You can follow the link to delete the Instagram account permanently of the deceased user.

This is how you can delete online accounts after someone dies.

Plan Your Facebook And Google Account Before You Die

Facebook – Give someone limited access after you die

If you want to give someone access to your Facebook account with limited functionalities, you can use the Facebook Legacy Contact feature. Where the contact will be notified and can access limited features on your Facebook account.

Google Account – Let someone access your Google Data after death

Sometimes it’s very much required for the family members of the deceased user to get their Gmail data or other information. For such cases, you have to plan in advance and set some trusted contacts, who can¬†download the Google account data and files once you pass away. Follow the steps to set the trusted contacts using Google Inactive Account Manager.

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