How to Enable Instagram Two Step Verification Feature

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Instagram, which not only carries photos and videos of the user but also the direct messages which are considered as private. You always set a strong password to secure your account, but with Instagram two step verification feature, you can make your account more secure so that no one would be able to log in to the account and steal data. The feature is same like WhatsApp two-step authentication.

What is Instagram 2 Step Verification?

In a two-step authentication, you will receive a code on your mobile phone at the time of log in. You have to enter the received verification code in order to sign in to your account. This makes your account more secure as no one would be able to get into your account without the code.

How to Turn On Instagram Two Step Verification on App

You can set the two-factor authentication feature from iPhone as well as from Android devices. Follow the steps to achieve the same.

1) Open Instagram App on your device.

2) Open your profile and tap on the three dots at top right.

turn on Instagram two step verification - options

3) You will see a list of options, look for the “Two-Factor Authentication” under Account and tap on it.

two factor authentication of Instagram - option

4) Tap on the toggle button to switch on the security code feature. Once you tap on it, you will receive a message on your cell phone with an OTP.

how to secure Instagram account with double login password

5) Enter the OTP code. You will get the backup codes so that if you won’t receive the code on your mobile at the time of sign in, you can use one of the backup codes to login to your account.

two password for Instagram account - security code

6) You can take the copy all the backup codes and also can take the screenshot of the codes.

two factor authentication of Instagram - copy

The next time you try to login to your account from App or a desktop, you will receive a code after which entering the same code only you would be able to sign in.

How to Get New Backup Codes

You can anytime generate new backup code for your Instagram login.

1) Again head over to the “Two-Factor Authentication” screen. Here you will see one more option, “Get Backup Codes”, tap on it.

secure instagram account with double password - get codes

2) Next, look for “Get New Codes” and tap on it. You will notice that the backup codes are changed.

two step password for Instagram account

These quick setting will double secure your Instagram account. Do enable this feature and if you have any queries regarding the same, let me know via comments.

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