10 Best Mobile Scanner Apps to Scan Documents

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Want to scan documents and convert them into images/PDF file or looking to scan the Barcode of a product to get the details? No need to buy the dedicated scanner for all these purposes when you have such brilliant scanning apps available for your smartphones. Here I am covering 10 best mobile scanner apps for Android and iOS users.

Some apps are free and few of them have pro version for which you have to pay. The below apps have actually replaced scanner devices and doing the work smartly and easily.

Top 10 Mobile Scanning Apps List

1) CamScanner

best mobile scanner apps - camscanner

Having a worldwide reach, Camscanner is highly effective in scanning receipts, invoices, notes, business cards, whiteboard discussions, certificates and many other things. The best part is, it has features like auto-crop and “enhance” that helps in getting the improved version of the scanned images, sketches, and drawings.

Use it to make a group with your friends and coworkers who can take a view and comment on your scans in a group. And, if you decide to have a premium account by paying $50/yr, there’s a world of additional features. You can then have the access of editable OCR, cloud storage space, auto syncing to several other cloud services like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Also, you can enjoy the password protection to your shared PDF documents.

Link: Android/iOS

2) My Scans

apps to scan files and document -myscans

My Scans not only scans the documents but also organizes them in a smarter way. It detects the edges automatically to generate the scanned copy easily and fast.

With My Scans, you can scan multiple pages into a single document file. Apart from this, you can sign your document before sharing it with someone.

Link: Android/iOS

3) PDF Document


Another document reader app is PDF document. It not only scans and generates the digital copies but also lets you import existing pictures on your PDF files. In low light conditions, you can use flashlight of your device but you need to make sure the object is glossy.

This app supports Samsung Multi Window feature which will let you run this app side by side with other apps. So all the Samsung users have added the advantage of using this app.

Link: Android

4) Scanner Pro

app to used on iphone to scan documents -scanner pro

This is a similar scan app like Camscanner but available only for iOS users. This is a paid app which will cost you $3.99 to get all your documents perfectly scanned. You can anytime check in to the app and edit the previously used documents.

It also has OCR(Optical Character Recognition) which can extract text from an image. Even, you can share the digital copies or upload them to various cloud storage from the app itself.

Link: iOS

5) Office Lens by Microsoft

scanner app from microsoft - office lens

Offline lens from Microsoft has received an honorable mention in the list of top scanner apps for all the right reason. This little app helps you scan all the documents, photos and whiteboards seamlessly and help you import them to your Microsoft account at one go. It also helps you save scans as PDFs and add them to OneNote or OneDrive. No doubt office lens is the awesome product for you.

Currently, the app supports English, Spanish, Chinese and German language.

Link: Android/iOS

6) TurboScan

best mobile scanner apps -turboscan

TurboScan is a powerful scanner app, which not only scans with better quality but also gives you the option to store the scanned docs on Clouds like Dropbox. This app has a cool feature called SureScan which will help you to scan the documents in low light conditions.

You can email the scanned documents from the app itself as a PDF, JPEG or PNG. Even you can save it to your gallery/camera roll.

You can scan multipage documents for free up to 3 pages. If you require more than 3 multipage document, then you need to go with the pro version.

Link: Android/iOS

7) Camera Scanner

camera scanner

This app has secured its place in the top mobile scanning apps list. It is a very simple app and very effective. Once you capture the document from the camera, it processes it and then lets you share via CloudPrint, Email or by other means. The interface of the app is clean and user-friendly. Also, the app has good ratings and reviews on Google Play Store.

Link: Android

8) Fast Scanner

android app to scan file and convert to pdf file - fast scanner

Fast Scanner is one of the mobile scanner apps that allows you to scan invoices, notes, and any other text file. After scanning the file, you can export it to your device as a PDF or send it to someone via Email.

The app provides two options to save the scanned file, either as an image or as a PDF file. This single app is compatible with smartphones as well as with tablets.

Link: Android

9) Barcode Scanner

app to scan barcode -barcode scanner

This app is quite different from others. It scans the OR code and if the code contains the website, you will be navigated to that website to know more information about the product.

Apart from scanning the QR code, you can create your own barcodes. While creating the QR code you need to enter the desired information and it will be ready in no time.

Barcode Scanner has a pro version also which is more accurate and fast. It offers other features like sharing QR codes to social media sites.

Link: Android

10) Tiny Scanner

best document scanning apps for android and ios -tiny scanner

Tiny Scanner is a good alternative to other scanning apps available for Android and iPhone. If you have captured a tilted image using the tiny scanner app, you do not need to worry. The feature to crop the image is so smart that it lets you choose any edge and put it in the desired position without moving the other edges of the frame.

The passcode features keep your scanned docs more secure by setting up a password for them. While converting the scanned files into PDF, you can set the PDF page size like A4, letter, and others.

Link: Android/iOS

Scanning the documents have never been easy as the above apps have made it. I would recommend CamScanner for Android users and Scanner Pro for iOS users. And if you just want to convert handwriting to text, here is a list of the best apps to do it.

You can share your experience with us, which mobile scanner apps suited you the best.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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