10 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps You Must Try

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One of many things you can do with a Smart TVs is enjoy the extensive list of apps that are there to entertain us. You can choose from apps that let you watch series, play games, watch videos and more. Keep reading, and you’ll discover the apps that everyone is using and that you’re missing out on. In the following list, you’ll see music apps, games, movies apps, weather app and other cool apps that will not only keep you informed, but that will also keep you busy for hours. You’ll see some apps that you may already be using, but some that you may not. What could be the Samsung Smart TV apps you are missing out on? Let’s find out.

10 Cool Samsung Smart TV Apps

1) Netflix

watch unlimited movies in samsung smart tv -netflix

If you want to add one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps, then don’t forget to install Netflix. It has an extensive selection of movies and TV shows for you to choose from. You can even choose from series that Netflix themselves have produced such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or House of Cards. Netflix offers you the largest streaming service out there.

2) Accuweather

best samsung smart tv apps -accuweather

In the Samsung App Store, you’ll find two versions of the app. One version is free, and the other is paid. You’ll be just fine with the free version if you live in a major city. If you need Accuweather to show you the forecast for cities that are not listed, then you’ll need to get the paid version that goes for $2.99. Type in your city and zip code and get the ten-day forecast. There’s also weather report hour-by-hour and satellite images. You also get weather warnings.

Link: Samsung App Store

3) Playstation Now

top samsung apps for smart tv - playstation now

With the PlayStation Now app, you can play your favorite PlayStation games whenever you want to. You won’t actually be downloading the game to your Smart TV since the processor can’t handle it. The game is streamed from Sony’s servers, so all you have to worry about is playing the game.

The response time might be a little different from playing it on a console. But, if you have a good Internet connection or a wired Ethernet connection you’ll be okay.

4) YouTube

app for all the samsung smart tv - youtube

If you’re looking for fame but from the comfort of your own home then you need the YouTube app. You’ll get the exact same YouTube you’ve been using on your computer but on your Samsung Smart TV. Enjoy the videos you’ve always enjoyed, but with the biggest ¨monitor¨, you can get your hands on, your TV!

5) FandangoNOW

one of the best samsung smart tv app -fadango

You may already be familiar with Fandango because of its movie reviews and times. But, this service can also give you access to more than 30,000 TV shows and movies. You can’t complain about not having anything to watch with this app. There is free content on the app but not everything is free.

There are options that you’ll need to buy but if you do purchase something that’s going to get you some Fandango VIP points. You can use those points to get discounts on future purchases.

Link: FandangoNOW

6) Spectrum TV App

samsung smart tv app to watch serials and movies -spectrum

Another Samsung smart TV app, Spectrum, provides you on-demand program service and Live TV. In order to run Spectrum TV app on your Samsung TV, you need to have a Samsung account with Spectrum TV service. Currently, there are a couple of downsides to this app. One is it does not support 2017 Samsung TV models and another is it does not offer pay-per-view for streaming.

Link: Spectrum.net

7) YuppTV

samsung tv app for Indian channels -yupptv

YuppTV app is for all the Indian channel lovers. If you want to watch Indian TV channels anywhere in the world on your Samsung TV, you just need to download the YuppTV app from Samsung App Store and start enjoying the high-quality channels. There are 3 different packages available, Yupp Hindi Platinum, Gold, and Yupp Hindi Gujarati Gold and they will cost you $24.99, $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Link: YuppTV

8) MyTifi

iphone app to control your samsung tv -mytifi

MyTifi is quite different from all the listed Samsung smart tv apps. This app is not meant to be installed on TV rather it will be installed on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. MyTifi lets you control your Samsung TV with gestures remotely. Gestures like 2 fingers tap to mute, swipe gestures to change channel or volume. You can even control the TV’s web browser through the gestures. The app supports all the latest Samsung TV models, including 2017. Also, the Auto-Mute and Auto-Zap features make it smart and cool app.

Link: myTifi

9) Emby

best app for samsung smart tv for serials and episodes -emby

Emby is another cool app in the list. The interface of the Emby app is so intelligently designed that you do not need to search for your favorite content or the episodes which were not finished. And the next episode of the serial you are currently watching is all listed on the home screen. Emby not only allows you to record the programs with a single button click but also lets you switch between channel very quickly with its user friendly design.

Link: Emby

10) Spotify

samsung tv app to listen music on tv -spotify

Are you a music lover? If yes then Spotify app is for you. On your Samsung TV, go to Samsung Apps and look for Spotify & install it and start listening to the songs. Spotify has a premium version also to get the amazing sound experience. In premium version, you can download the high-quality music and listen to it offline whenever you want. Apart from this, you will get rid of the ads and have unlimited skips.

Link: Spotify


The Samsung App Store is full of so many apps you won’t know where to start. These are a few you might want to check out first. Trust me, you won’t me disappointed. What apps are you thinking of installing for your Samsung Smart TV? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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I can never get enough of tech in general, whether it's Android or web apps but helping others solve their tech problems also brings great satisfaction. I carry a device wherever I go, and I'm always connected. Life without the Internet just sounds too scary to me. :-)

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  1. I can not get ESPN plus on my Samsung smart tv but I can load on my Apple computer. How do I get the connection to my Samsung smart tv? I get other live streaming like Amazon Prim, and Next flick.


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