10 Hill Climb Racing Games To Experience Thrilling Ride

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There are tons of game one can play on their smartphone. Racing games are one of the best, with different difficulty and challenges it becomes more entertaining. Hill Climb racing games are one of those. In these games, you have to either balance or reach the finish line while overcoming the hurdles and obstacles on the way. We have presented some of the most played hill climb racing games that you can play on your Android and iPhone.

1. Hill Climb Racing

Hill climbing

Ride through the steep hills and overcome the hurdles in the way in order to reach the finish line. This is a really simple yet addictive game that you can play offline. You have to ride to the finish line before your fuel tank gets empty. There will be fuel in the game which you can earn while going towards the finish line.

The game has only two controls one for accelerating and other for braking. You can play from more than 27 different levels and unlock all the vehicles. In this game, you can earn coins which will help in purchasing and upgrading your vehicles to improve its performance. It also allows sharing your game progress with your friends via social media.

Play for free: Android | iOS

2. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb racing 2

Another game from the developer of Hill Climb Racing comes Hill Climb Racing 2. This game is similar to the above one with a few different and new features. You will get different characters and options to customize their looks as per your desire. The developers have surely worked in improving the gaming experience and making the game more addictive. Now there are several new levels, multiplayer events, and vehicles to unlock and play with.

Play for free: Android | iOS

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3. Hill Racing 3D: Uphill Rush

Hill Racing 3D

Uphill Rush is a 3D racing game just like the above two. The method of playing the game is the same but with different graphics. Here you will get different sorts of vehicles like Dune buggy, Pickup truck, 4×4 Jeep etc. In this game, each vehicle will have distinct strength and power which can be used to finish different kind of levels. You can also earn coins to upgrade the performance of your vehicle.

Play for free: Android | iOS

4. Hill Racing Master

Hill Racing Master

Overcome all the obstacles and objects in the way to reach the finish line in minimum time. Your aim in the game is to balance the car without getting totaled using the acceleration and brakes accordingly. In case your car gets flipped, there is an option to put the car in its right position.

You will only get to use this option twice or thrice in a game by spending coins. To earn coins you have to complete the levels or watch a video. There are various levels that you can clear. The difficulty of the game increases as you progress through the levels.

Play for free: Android

5. Climbing Moto: Hill Race

Climbing Moto - Hill Climbing games

Now you can play this motorcycle racing and clear the levels to improve your game. This game is like other hill climb racing games but here you will only get to ride on a motocross bike. Apart from this, the controls also differ. The acceleration and brakes are on the left side of the screen. While on the right side you will get the controls to jump the bike from the front or the back. To make the jump you will have to long press the desired icon and wait for the meter to fill up. The bar will appear above the racer and it will jump according to the meter filled.

Play for free: Android

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6. Downhill SuperBike Racing

Downhill superbike racing

Downhill SuperBike Racing is a realistic 3D racing games with lots of obstacles and amazing graphics. In this game, you have to pull up stunts, loops and different kinds of the trick while earning points for that. You can use these points to upgrade your vehicles.

There are different characters and bikes from which you can choose to play. The levels are fun and you will get to ride through different city locations.

Play for free: iOS

7. Road Finger

Road Finger

On the list of hill climbing racing games, Road finger is the most unique one. The thing that makes it unique is the method of playing. You will not have any controls for acceleration or braking. The vehicle will move on its own and you just have to create a path for it using your finger while earning coins.

Apart from this, there are several vehicles and tracks that you can unlock as you will keep moving to upper levels. You can also unlock a different kind of skill to earn more and stay in the game for longer distances. Apart from this, it is a multiplayer game in which you can play with players from around the world online in multiplayer mode.

Play for free: Android

8. Motor Racing: Mountain Climb

Motor Racing - Mountain Climb

If you love playing motorcycles games, then you will love this game also. It is a simple game where you have to reach the finish line without flipping the bike. You can earn stars and grab fuels in the way before your tank gets empty. The controls are also simple, right side to accelerate and left for brakes & driving backward. There are three different locations Hills, Dessert, and the Arctic with various levels to be cleared in each of them.

Play for free: Android

9. Offroad Legends 2 – Monster Truck Trials

Offroad Legends 2

With this game, you can drive monster trucks in different terrains and tracks with various obstacles. This is one of the best game on the list of hill climbing games with really great graphics and gameplay. You cannot just drive a monster truck but also go for buses, trucks, and vehicles with total 16 of their kinds to unlock and play from.

This game has some really great graphics and effects for sound and explosions. In addition to that, you can play Career mode and VS multiplayer online. There is also an option, Kids Playground where the kids can play without wrecking the car.

Play for free: Android | iOS

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10. Down The Hill 2Down the hill 2 - best hill climb racing games

Down The Hill 2 is a bicycle game where you have to cross the finish line without letting the cyclist fall. You will get to choose from 4 different characters. There are many rides like cycles, cars, and truck which you can unlock and use to play this game. It also has many terrains with different difficulty and challenges to face.

The controls are simple, use the right side to accelerate/lift the bike in air from the front and left to stop/flip the bike from the back in the air. You can also use tilt controls to control the movements of the bike by tilting the device accordingly.

Play for free: Android | iOS

Best Hill Climb Racing Games For Android And iPhone Users

These hill climbing racing games are filled with various challenges and options for different kind of vehicles. You can select from any of them as per your desire. The Hill Climb Racing is really a very addictive game once you get the hang of it. While Offroad Legends 2 offers great graphical and gaming experience.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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