10 Best Adventure Games For Android To Play For Free

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We all love to play games on our smartphones. We can play anytime and anywhere.

Every person has a different kind of preferences in games. And among all of them, there is no doubt adventure games are everyone’s choice. These will allow you to play and explore the game in order to accomplish tasks and objectives.

With different themes and modes, there are several adventure games that you can play. But to narrow your choices we present you the list of best adventures games for Android, which you can play offline.

1. Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Criminal Case - Mysteries of the Past

Explore through various crime scenes with your keen detective eyes with Criminal Case. In this game, your aim is to find the hidden objects in different scenes in order to solve various murder mysteries. As it is named mysteries of the past the event of the game is be based on the 19th century.

You can also find clues and analyze them to look for evidence regarding the crimes. There are hints which can be used if you are not able to find something. It also allows interrogating the victim and suspects to dug deep into the cases. This game can also be connected via Facebook to save and share your progress.

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2. Swordigo

Swordigo - Best adventure games for Android

This game is based on a forest and the magical world beyond it where you have to defeat the dark evil spirit. You will get to unlock various weapons and spells that can be used to play through the game. There will be different characters with whom you have to interact throughout the game. They will guide and train you in order to progress your levels and skills.

It has decent graphics and good gameplay response. You can earn stars and complete different locations on the map. These stars will help you in updating weapons and skills. It also has achievements that you can clear to earn extra credits. You can create different profiles and save your progress of the game.

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3. Badland


This is one of the best app on the list of best adventure games for Android. Your aim in this game is to control your character to overcome all the hurdles and obstacles. To control your player position you have to tap on the screen to move it up and down accordingly. There are various stages and challenges to play from.

You can play single player or with up to 4 friends on the same device. This game has a really great visual gaming experience. This multiplayer game lets you create your own custom levels. You can play these levels with friends and share your progress through social media.


4. Alto’s Adventure

Alto Adventure - Best offline action adventure games

Surf through the snow with Alto in this amazing action journey in the snowy mountains. In the journey, you will have to save llamas, earn stars, overcome obstacles and perform various stunts while surfing on the snowboard. You can also complete the given task in order to increase your levels.

This game is easy to learn yet it takes time to get the grip of it. It has great graphics, soothing music, and one-touch control to play. You can also play Zen mode without any mission or challenges with unlimited life. This is one of the best offline action adventure games that you can play.

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5. The Walking Dead: Season One

The Walkind Dead - Season One

If you love zombie games then this one is for you.

Join Lee Everett and help him survive the zombie apocalypse. You will have to face different situations and challenges in the game which you have to overcome in order to survive. This is also a one-person shooter game where you have to kill the dead walking before they come to you.

Each decision of yours will affect the game differently so choose with best instincts. There are various locations which you can explore and meet different survivors in the game. You can use their help and reach a safe place before the dead gets you. This game has really some advanced graphics and visual effects that represent an excellent example of using 3D scanning in video games.

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6. The Long Journey – Adventure Games & Point Click

The Long Journey -Adventure Games & Point Click

Travel deep in the deserted mountains and explore different scenes to unfold the mysteries within. You will be given the tasks that you have to follow and accomplish in each scene. It will require your keen eyes to find the objects and skills to solve puzzles.

In between the game you will see visions of children guiding you towards the path and increasing the curiosity of the mystery to be solved. There are tons of high-quality images and scenes in which you have to find clues to solve the mystery of the long journey.

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7. Survival Island – Wild Escape

Survival Island - Wild Escape

As the name of the game suggests, it is a survival game where you have to aim at escaping through different scenarios. You have to escape the wild forest, fight the zombies and different wild creatures towards your freedom. There will be weapons to kill them and defend yourself.

In the game, you will have to play as a real situation, eat fruits, cut trees to light fire and be safe. Use all your hunting, shooting and survival skill to plan your way out of the wilderness and return back home.

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8.Game Of Thrones

Game of thrones

One of the HBO’s best TV shows, Game of Thrones has now come to your devices. This game is based on the story of House Forrester family of the Westeros. They are loyal to the Starks of Winterfell and caught up in the midst of the war of 5 kings.

Your job is to play the role of different Forrester family members and make choices for their journey. All your choices should be thoughtful as it will decide their fate in the game. There is blood, revenge, intrigue, and horror in the war. You have to make sure they end up safe while the seven kingdoms are trying to destroy each other.

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9. Batman – The Telltale Series


Who is not familiar with Batman, so here is a game where you will get to experience the life of Bruce Wayne. You have to protect the Gotham from the evil villains and keep the city safe. There will be decisions that you will have to make as the Dark Knight and see the outcome of your choices for the city.

Get ready to uncover the life of Bruce Wayne and know some secrets about his life in the game. There are different episodes that you can play from and in addition to that, there are videos that you can watch. This game has great graphics and is really nice to play

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10. Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game

Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Riddles Game

Unravel the secrets of the Ghost Town and defend it from the mysterious dramatist who is taking over the city. You need to help Anna, a young sorceress to interact with various ghosts and beings of the town to unveil the evil plans.

It has several puzzles to solve, riddles and task to accomplish in the levels. There are zombies and evils spirits which you have to fight from. You can create magical potions and objects which can be used in the game. Apart from that, there are hidden passages and treasure that you can find in the game.

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Best Adventure Games For Android Free To Download

All these games are very entertaining and fun to play. You can select any game as per your choice from the list. As per my opinion from the list, the best three games are Criminal Case, Badland, and Alto’s Adventure. All of the three games are really addictive. Batman and Game of Thrones are also good games as they are based on great TV show and Movie.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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