How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone/iPad at Once Easily

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Deleting a contact on an iOS device is really easy and can be achieved in a matter of few taps. However, if you wish to remove all the contacts at once then deleting contacts individually would turn out to be a mundane task and a waste of time really. iOS doesn’t have a direct feature to delete all contacts at once but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Follow this tutorial to delete all contacts on iPhone/iPad at once without much manual work.

Delete All Contacts At Once on iPhone/iPad

It is better to reset your iOS device if you are looking to wipe out all the data. In that case, you may even erase data on iPhone from iCloud. But resetting the device is a poor option to go for if you want to only remove the contacts. Here’s how you can quickly clear all the contacts on iPhone.

Delete All Contacts on iPhone/iPad at Once

1. Open Settings app and select Mail.

2. Under Mail, select Accounts.

Remove all Contacts on iPhone at once

3. Next, tap on iCloud.

4. Now, toggle the Contacts to Off and select Keep on My iPhone.

Delete all contacts on iPhone/iPad at once
Turn off Contacts

Delete All Contacts From iPhone

5. Toggle the Contacts to On again and select Merge.

How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone
Turn On Contacts

This will make sure that all your Contacts on your iPhone till date are backed up on iCloud. The backup comes in handy when you want to restore contacts to a different iPhone/iPad. Contacts can then easily be restored from iCloud either using iTunes or with the help of software’s like MobileTrans.

6. You need to play with the Contacts toggle button again and turn it Off but this time select Delete from My iPhone.

Delete all Contacts on iPhone
Turn OFF Contacts

Most of the contacts will be removed after this step but you might want to proceed further to clear up everything.

7. Head back to the Accounts screen and select Email account – Gmail, Yahoo etc. you might have added.

8. Toggle the Contacts to Off and select Delete from My iPhone.

How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone/iPad

Similarly, delete the contacts associated with other added Email accounts on your iPhone.

9. Now, the remaining contacts on iPhone will be from Facebook. In order to delete them open Settings and select Facebook.

10. Toggle the Contacts to Off.

Erase all contacts from iPhone

With this, you have deleted all contacts on iPhone/iPad.

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We hope that you found this method easy and quick to delete all the iPhone contacts at once. Do share it with your friends on social media and they might very well thank you later.

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