How to stop people from tagging you on Facebook

Tagging is a feature provided by Facebook to create a link of the post on tagged person profile. It’s a very useful feature that allows other people know who was with you or who is in the photo. But people do get annoyed and irritated when someone do tag them unnecessarily on Facebook. Their timeline gets filled with unwanted posts. So Facebook provides you a feature through which you can control on unwanted tagging on Facebook of photos, status and other stuffs by people. In this article I have explained how you can prevent people from tagging you on Facebook.

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Stop people from tagging you on Facebook

This feature will control which all tagged post you want to show up on your timeline. All the tagged posts will be first reviewed by you and will then only appear on your timeline. Follow the below steps to prevent people from tagging you on Facebook.

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Click on the gear icon on top right and then click on Settings.prevent people from tagging you on Facebook
  • On left panel, click on Timeline and Tagging option.
  • Under Who can add things to my timeline?, click on Edit option right to the “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?”.stop people from tagging you on Facebook-min
  • Click on the drop down menu and select Enabled.stop people from tagging you on Facebook - enabled

With such features, you can make your Facebook profile completely private.

This method will help you get a notification whenever you are tagged by someone to get reviewed by you first before it appears on your Facebook timeline. 

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This feature of Facebook will only control the post from appearing on your timeline however the post will appear on the searches and feeds on Facebook irrespective you approve or disapprove to appear on your timeline or not.


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