How to Control/Reduce Data Usage in Facebook

Last Updated: April 20, 2017

Major part of the data is consumed by the Facebook videos. You have to control data used by the Facebook videos in order to save a large amount of your internet data. So this article will take you through how you can reduce data usage in Facebook.

how to control or reduce data usage in facebook

Auto-play videos on Facebook also eats a lot of internet data. So it would be better that you stop auto-play of videos in Facebook so that a large part of your daily data usage will be saved on mobile as well as on the desktop. Apart from that you can even mute sound for Autoplay videos on Facebook which is sometimes annoying.

How to Check how much Data Facebook App has consumed on Mobile

If you want to check how much data your Facebook app is using on Android and iPhone, follow the below steps.

For Android: Open phone Settings and then look for Data Usage and tap on it. Next, scroll down and look for Facebook App. You will see the data being consumed by the app.

For iOS: Navigate to Settings->Cellular and scroll down to look for the data used by the Facebook app.

Reduce Data Usage in Facebook

Sometimes the data used by Facebook is for the unnecessary content which is of no interest. So in order to reduce the Facebook data usage used by videos, follow the below steps.

Note: This method can be achieved through desktop only and not from iPhone or Android devices.

1) Open your Facebook account.

2) Tap on the drop-down arrow and click on Settings.

how to save data usage in Facebook

3) Now from the left side panel, click on the Videos option at the bottom left.

4) A list of Video options will appear on the right-hand side. Click on Video Default Quality option and select SD only. In Facebook, there are two kinds of videos SD and HD.

how to control or reduce data usage consumed by Facebok

SD videos are the standard definition videos which consume less data compared to HD Videos.

If sometimes you want to view some videos in High Definition then you can change the quality easily from the Facebook Video Player as shown in the picture below.

change video settings

Tap on the settings icon and choose other video quality options according to your needs.

This is how by changing the video settings you can reduce the data usage in Facebook. You can also lower data usage for WhatsApp calls in Android as well as in iPhone.


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