TuneFab Apple Music Converter Review: Convert Protected M4P To MP3 Hassle-Free

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Apple Music has a great collection of 40 million songs. It also allows you to download the songs to your device for offline listening. This makes it possible to play songs without using mobile data or Wi-Fi. The downloaded songs from Apple Music are however DRM protected. This means that you can only play them on Apple devices that are using the same Apple ID with which the purchase was made. But what if you wish to listen to the songs on your other non-Apple devices. That’s exactly what we are going to help you with here in this article.

It is possible to remove DRM from Apple Music songs using third-party DRM removal software. Here we are going to review a similar software TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It will help you to easily convert songs from protected M4P to MP3 format by removing DRM protection for playing on any number and type of devices.

Disclaimer: DRM removal is only recommended if done for personal use. In case you have other intentions then we at TechUntold are not responsible for your actions. Read our following article on DRM removal for more details.

Now, let us get on with the review.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter Review

The tool is available for Windows and Mac systems. It also has a FREE trial version so you can head to their official site and download it.

After you install the software on your computer follow the 3-step process below to convert songs. We have used screenshots from the Mac version here.

How To Remove DRM Protection From Apple Music Songs?

1. Open the software and all the downloaded Apple Music songs along with complete iTunes library will be loaded.

2. Select the desired songs you wish to convert from M4P to MP3 and remove DRM. You can also use the search bar at the top to look for desired tracks.

Remove DRM from Apple Music Songs

3. Once you have made the selection, click on Convert at the top. Make sure iTunes is open in the background and you don’t use it while the conversion is taking place.

With this, the job is done. Depending on the number of files you will have to wait for successful conversion.

You can find the DRM-free songs in the following path.

/Users/[Username]/Music/TuneFab Apple Music Converter/

Alternatively, click on the Explore Output File link next to each song in the software.

Convert Apple Music M4P to MP3 Format

It’s time to look at its other top features.

Top Features

  • DRM Removal From Apple Music – As mentioned above.
  • Strip DRM From iTunes/Amazon Audible  Audiobooks – Not only music but it can also convert iTunes audiobooks from M4B/AA/AAX to M4A or MP3 format.
  • Extract Audio From iTunes Videos – The software can extract the audio from your favorite iTunes music videos and movies. The new audio files are saved in MP3 format with good quality.


  • No additional technical expertise required. Anyone with a basic computer can easily use the software.
  • Fast conversion speed. The files are converted in a jiffy.
  • It allows you to convert multiple files at once.


Nothing really.


The free unregistered version only converts 3 minutes for every audio file. So, if you wish to get the full-length DRM free music track then you can purchase the license for $39.95. Currently, they are offering a discount of 20% at the time of writing this review.

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Final Verdict

If you have been irritated by not being able to play Apple Music songs on your other devices then TuneFab Apple Music Converter will put an end to all of it. With an easy to use interface and quick conversion, you are only a few clicks away from playing Apple Music tracks on all of your devices. So, without any further delay download the software from the TuneFab official website.

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