How To Check iPhone Battery Health Without Jailbreak

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Recently, Apple admitted that they intentionally slow down old iPhones to increase the battery life. The old Lithium-ion batteries can unexpectedly die if they are put under a lot of burdens. And high performance means doing exactly that hence Apple rolls out an update in its iOS to decrease the performance of old iPhones. Now, after learning this you might be curious to know how is the battery on your iPhone/iPad doing. Fortunately, you can easily do so with the help of free apps on the App Store without jailbreaking your iOS device. Here we have mentioned the apps to check iPhone battery health or life.

The customers have been annoyed at Apple for slowing down their iPhones. Apple did apologize for doing this without letting the users know and have also started a battery replacement program at a $29 price. So, before you think of replacing yours use the below apps and find out if you really need a new one for yourself.

Check iPhone Battery Health

App 1: Battery Life Doctor

This one is an amazing app to find out the iPhone/iPad battery condition. It is available for free in the App Store.

After installing the app you can simply launch it. To check the battery life tap on Battery Raw Data. The next screen will show you the current battery level and capacity. Basically, Capacity is the one you should look out for here. For me, it was 94% which I think is pretty awesome. I have been using this iPhone for more than 2 years now.

Check iPhone and iPad Battery Health

Using this app, you can also set reminders for charging and when the device is fully charged. It’s quite accurate and has good reviews in the App Store.

App 2: Battery Life By Victor Robinson

You can get it on App Store or tap here.

This is an excellent app to identify your battery condition. On opening the app, you will see the battery life in percentage. To see the details, tap on the Menu at the top left and tap Raw Data. Here you can view the Battery power capacity information.

Check iPhone Battery Life

Apart from that, it also tells you the runtime for certain functions based on the current battery percentage.

App 3: Battery Life By RBT Digital LLC

The name of the app is same as the one above but it’s from a different developer. This app is also available free. Use the following link to download it.

The Home screen of the app shows the Wear Level of the battery. To see the Raw Data tap on the Hamburger icon at the top left and select Raw Data. The raw data shows the battery capacity.

Check iPhone Battery Health

Note: According to my personal experience the app was a little inaccurate. My iPhone 6 has 1810 mAh battery but it detected 1751 mAh for some reason. But you can give this app a try as it has a good rating.

It is also possible to see the expected battery runtime for specific tasks in the app.

We hope that these helped you in determining your iPhone or iPad battery health. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below. Which one are you going to try?

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