How to View and Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Safari on iPhone/iPad

View Recently Closed Tabs in Safari on iPhone/iPad

Did you accidentally close tab(s) on Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad? If yes, then there is no need to waste time searching for that web page/website again. Not many iOS users know about a handy Safari feature which allows seeing recently closed tabs.  In this tutorial, we will share information about this unknown Safari feature … Read more

How To Stop Notifications From Interrupting Music On iPhone Or iPad In Three Ways

How to Stop Notifications from Interrupting Music on iPhone

Have you ever been to a house party where you might have connected your iOS device via Bluetooth to listen to music? If yes then you might have experienced the irritation which comes with the notifications on iPhone. Every time a notification arrives on your phone the audio ducking takes place where music playback is lowered … Read more

How to Turn On/Off Handwritten Messages on iPhone/iPad

How to Turn on/off Handwritten Messages on iPhone

With iOS 10, Apple introduced a lot of features to the Messages app in iOS. They are all excellent features to have in a messaging app to enrich the instant messaging experience. One of them being handwritten messages in iMessage that eliminates a need in apps that convert handwriting to text. iOS users are enjoying it along … Read more

How to Add Chrome Extensions Remotely From iPhone and Android

Add Extensions to Chrome Desktop from Chrome app

Most of the times we are occupied on our smartphones as they get almost all the things done for us. However, have you ever come across a useful Chrome extension on your iPhone or Android device and wanted to add it instantly to the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac? Unfortunately, Chrome app store … Read more

How To Customize iPhone/iPad Lock Screen with these tips

How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen

Follow our article to know about the tips which can help you to customize iPhone lock screen. Make your iOS device lively by personalizing the lock screen. When you first get your iPhone/iPad, you just can’t wait to start giving your own personal touch. You want anyone who see’s to know that your style is … Read more

How to fix Personal Hotspot missing on iPhone for any iOS version

Fix Personal Hotspot missing on any iPhone and iOS

If you are not able to see Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot feature in Settings App on your iPhone then this tutorial is a perfect cure. As here I will share with you how I fixed Personal Hotspot missing issue on my iPhone. After following the procedure in this article, you will get back the Personal Hotspot … Read more

How to turn on Magnifier on iPhone and use it as a magnifying glass : iOS 10

use iphone as magnifying glass with the new magnifier feature

There are many significant inclusions to iPhone with iOS 10. But I am sure that not many out there would know about ‘Magnifier’ feature. It is not discussed much compared t but is as useful as other iOS 10 features.  And in this article, I will share everything about Magnifier feature. What is Magnifier, how … Read more