How to fix Personal Hotspot missing on iPhone for any iOS version

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If you are not able to see Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot feature in Settings App on your iPhone then this tutorial is a perfect cure. As here I will share with you how I fixed Personal Hotspot missing issue on my iPhone. After following the procedure in this article, you will get back the Personal Hotspot feature.

Fix Personal Hotspot missing on any iPhone and iOS

Yesterday, my Wi-Fi network was really sluggish. It was then when I thought of using Cellular data as a personal hotspot. But on opening the Settings App I couldn’t find Personal Hotspot feature which is usually present just below Cellular option.

I was sure that it is not an iOS specific problem as I had used Personal Hotspot on my iPhone in iOS 10 before. So, the solution I am going to share is valid for all iOS versions and any iPhone.

Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone [Solution]

After thinking and searching for a while, I got the reason behind this issue.

Reason behind Missing Personal Hotspot on iOS

Personal Hotspot requires an APN(Access point Name) to be set on the iPhone to work. A few days back I switched my network. Therefore, the APN went missing and so did Personal Hotspot.

Fix Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone

Follow the steps given below to set the APN for Cellular network on iPhone.

1. Open Settings app and Select Cellular.

2. Under Cellular, select Cellular Data Options.

3. Next, select Cellular Data Network.

Get back missing Personal Hotspot on any iOS version

4. Now enter your Network APN in APN field under Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot(at the bottom).

If you don’t know your network APN. Then do a Google search for “network name”  APN. Or else you can even call network support.

Fix Missing Personal Hotspot on any iPhone

5. After entering the APN, tap one the backward arrow at the top left.

6. Restart the Settings app.

Close the settings app by pressing the Home button twice and swiping up the Settings app tp kill it.

Now, Open the Settings app.

7. Select Cellular. Toggle Cellular Data to On. Tap on the Settings at the top left corner to go back to Settings.

There you go! You will see Personal Hotspot where it is supposed to be as shown below.

Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone fixed

For me, the above steps above worked like a charm. But if you still don’t get it then you can try restarting your iPhone. If it still doesn’t work then go for a hard reset by pressing the Lock button and Home button together for 10 seconds. And then start the iPhone again.

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We wish that you were able to get back the missing Personal Hotspot on  your iPhone. Do share this article if you found it helpful. Drop a comment if you face any issues.

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