Here’s Why Batteries widget in iOS 9 is missing

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If you have looked into iOS 9 new features and improvements then you might very well know about enhancements related to battery and its performance. One of the features added is that of Low Power Mode which helps your iPhone battery lasts approximately an hour longer. Another feature is Batteries widget which  shows batteries status in the Today section of the Notification bar.  However, most of you won’t find the batteries  widget right away and I am going to explain the reason behind that in this article and how to get batteries widget in iOS 9 on your iPhone.

How to get Batteries Widget in iOS 9 ?

To know the answer to the above question you must understand the use of the Batteries widget clearly. To make it clear it is Batteries widget and not Battery widget. Which means that it works only for multiple batteries and not single battery which is quite sensible, as if you were to see the battery of your iPhone you can very well do it by looking at the top right corner of the screen on your iPhone.

Use of Batteries Widget

Batteries widget allows you to view the battery status of connected iOS supported devices at a single place in the notification bar so you don’t have to check the status in all the devices individually. Cool huh?

So now you know why you are not getting Batteries widget on your iPhone in iOS 9. It’s because you don’t have any connected device to your iPhone. To get the batteries widget to show up you need to have Apple Watch or Wireless headset connected with your iPhone. Once you have one or more devices connected then you can add batteries widget using the steps below :

  • Swipe down from top of screen to view Notification bar
  • At the bottom of Today tab, you will see Edit. Select it
  • Tap on + symbol in front of Batteries ( which will only be shown if you have at least one device connected to your iPhone) shown in DO NOT INCLUDE section
  • Select Done at top right corner
How to add Batteries Widget in iOS 9
Adding Batteries Widget in iOS 9

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With this, you have successfully added Batteries widget in iOS 9 on your iPhone. Note a few things about Batteries widget :

  • It will also show the charging status too if iPhone or connected device is being charged.
Batteries widget in iOS 9 iPhone
Charging status also shown in Batteries widget
  • It won’t show connected iPad battery status as of now.

You can remove Batteries widget anytime if you desire by using symbol in front of widget.

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We wish that this post helped you in resolving your issue regarding missing Batteries widget in iOS 9. Did you find Batteries widget useful. Do think out loud in comments section below 🙂

10 thoughts on “Here’s Why Batteries widget in iOS 9 is missing”

  1. So, prior to IOS 10, I was able to see batteries from some Bluetooth peripheral headsets (Sony MW1). However, there have come a few iterations of the batteries widgets and the battery status no longer appears. Any suggestions?

  2. I couldn’t find my apple pencil in the widget. I did a hard reset and I have them both now. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Hi, I can’t seem to get it to show. My housemate has it working when connected to my UE Boom 2. On His 6S+ my UE show up but when done on my 6 nothing happens. I’ve enabled the widget but nothing. None of us have a watch to use either

  4. The widget showing the battery level of my Pencil is mostly there but sometimes not. I have to stick the Pencil in the iPad to bring it back. It’s not because the battery’s dead.


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