How To Hide Who You Follow On Twitter And Make Your Following Private: Learn About These Two Ways

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This article shares the tips and tricks which you can use to hide following on Twitter. Hide the users you follow from your followers as well as other users(non-followers) using the method given here.

Hide Following on Twitter from followers and everyone

Let me make it clear to you up front that there is no official way or setting provided by Twitter to hide your Followers. However, at the same time, I won’t blog about it without having alternate solutions or workarounds. I will be sharing a couple of tricks or ways to hide the list of users you following.

As I said, there is no official setting provided by Twitter so there is no perfect solution to this. But you can go for the methods I presented below.

Make your Profile Private on Twitter

The first method is simple: Make your profile private this will hide followers and following both from your profile. However, your followers will still be able to see the people you follow.

So, if you use this method then take care to not to approve Follow request of users from whom you want to hide your Followers and Following.

In order to make your Twitter profile private follow the steps given below.

1. Open Twitter Website and login to your account.

2.  Click on your profile picture at the top right corner and select Settings.

3. From the left sidebar, select Security and Privacy.

4. Under Privacy, check Protect my Tweets.

Hide Following on Twitter

5. Finally, scroll down and click Save Changes. Enter your password to confirm.

With this, your account becomes private and non-followers will not able to see your Tweets, Following or Followers.

Now, what if you want to make Following invisible for your followers as well. Well, in that case, follow the second method below.

Create Private Lists on Twitter

This method will hide your following from your non-followers as well as followers on Twitter.

Do not follow the users you want to hide from your following and follow the steps mentioned below.

Create a Private List on Twitter and add the users you want to follow and hide at the same time to this list. Private List can only be accessed by you. Follow the steps below to create a private list on Twitter.

1. Click on profile picture at the top right and click Lists.

2. On the right sidebar, click on Create List.

3. Give desired name and description to your list. Select Private.

4. Finally, click on Save List.

Hide users you follow from followers twitter

After creating a private list, visit the profile of user you want to follow. On the profile, click on the gear icon and select Add or remove from lists…

Select the private list you just created above and close the dialog box.

How to create private list on Twitter

Similarly, add other users you want to follow and at the same time hide from everyone to the private list. As you are not following them, they won’t appear under Following on your profile.

However, to see their tweets, Simply open the list and you are good to see their tweets at one place. Their tweets won’t be shown on your feed. You need to open the list to see their tweets.

Now You Know How To Hide Following on Twitter

We hope that these workarounds helped you in hiding Following on Twitter. Share it with your friends if you enjoyed the tricks mentioned.

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Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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