How to find your First Tweet on Twitter with these 3 methods

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Read this guide to know about the different ways with which you can find your First Tweet on Twitter. Even, you will learn to find anyone first Tweet apart from yours easily.

Find Your or Anyone First Tweet

It has been more than a decade since Twitter came into existence. Today, when I open Twitter it is flooded with so many thoughts coming in from the users I follow. There are so many of them that I cannot even look at all the tweets and this is when I follow only over 100 users. So, if by any chance you want to see or search for your or anyone first tweet then it is really very time-consuming or foolish so to say to search for it manually by scrolling down the Timeline.

This is where this article will help you out in finding anyone’s first ever Tweet.

Find your First Tweet

I will be sharing 3 methods below and you may make use of any which you find easy, convenient or meets your specific requirements.

Method 1 : Find Your or Anyone First Tweet with Twitter Discover Tool

You can make use of the official Twitter tool to find anyone’s first Tweet.

Visit or of the links redirect to the same address.

If you are logged in to Twitter then by default it will take your Twitter handle and show your first tweet.

However, you can key in anyone’s Twitter username whose first tweet you want to search and Press Enter.

Find Anyone First Tweet

You can even use this tool without logging into Twitter as well.

The advantage of this method over others is that you can find anyone’s first tweet apart from yours.

Method 2 : Search Very First Tweet with Archive

You can make use of Twitter Archives. Follow our tutorial on how to download Twitter Archive to know everything about Twitter Archives.

Once you download Archive following the method which is given in the above link, then open index.html. Your tweets are arranged monthly under every year. This makes it super easy to click on the very first month of the first year you started tweeting.

On clicking on the first month, just scroll down to the bottom and you will find the first tweet. You will have the option to view it on Twitter as well.

find your first tweet using archive

The benefit of Twitter Archive is way more than just finding out the first Tweet. You can use it for Analytics and boost your business by understanding patterns.

Method 3: Find your First Tweet using Search box

Login into your Twitter account and use the following query in the search box.

from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd” without the quotes.

For instance, from:Mendiratta_20 since:2015-11-1 until:2015-11-30.

Just use the first month you started tweeting in the query. And you will have the tweets for the first month where one can easily spot the first tweet.

find first tweet using search

You can use this query to find out the first tweet of anyone. All you need to do is replace the username with that of the desired user. The month and year of joining are mentioned on everyone’s profile. You can use those details in the query. This won’t work if the user joined but never tweeted which is highly unlikely. But then you can use the first method above.

Also, go through the following Twitter tutorials.

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We wish you found the 3 methods to find the first tweet useful. Feel free to drop a comment in case of any query. Do not forget to share these methods with your friends.

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