Create WiFi Hotspot without software on Windows 7 / 8

In one of our article I explained how you can make laptop a wifi hotspot with the help of software. But this time I have come up with a more better solution to make your system a wifi hotspot. With the help of this article you will be able to make your laptop a wifi hotspot without software whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 8. No more burden of software on your laptop, no more processing of an extra software, which makes your system performs better.

Create Wifi hotspot without Software on Windows 7 / 8

For this method, you will need just a command prompt which is already available on Windows systems. Follow the below steps to create a Wifi hospot without the need of a software.

  • Open command prompt with Run as administrator.turn laptop into a wifi hotspot
  • Type in “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourwifiname key=yourwifipassword” and hit enter. This will create a wifi hotspot on your laptop.commands to make laptop a wifi hotspot
  • Next, type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork “ and press enter. This will start the wifi hostspot on your system. Now you can connect to multiple devices to the created wifi hotspot.

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Note: You might be thinking that you have to write again and again the same command to make a wifi hotspot on your laptop, so here is the solution for that also. You can run a batch file whenever you want to create the wifi hotspot on your system. Below is mentioned to create a batch file:

  • Open a notepad.
  • Type the same above command as shown in the picture.create a wifi hotspot on windows 7 or 8 without software
  • Next, save the file with .bat extension on your desktop. For example: mywifi.bat
  • So whenever you want make a laptop a wifi hotspot, just right click on the saved batched file and click on Run as administrator. Thats it.

The above method is the best and easiest method till now to create wifi hotspot on Windows 7 or Windows 8 without software. Making a batch file is an added advantage as you don’t have to write the commands again and again.


  1. Very good solution. I just did it. There is one problem i encountered. after creating wifi hotspot, other gadgets shows wifi name as wifiname=password(for example anuj_wifi=anuj1991, where anuj_wifi is my wifi name and anuj1991 is my password). Because of this others can easily guess my password(Unless they aren’t dumb enough) and start using my hotspot. This is something i feel turning me into a social worker…:P with lot of compassion and care for others..:D
    Jokes apart. Please provide a solution if you have.


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