How to mute individual chat in WhatsApp

Yes, you read it correctly! Now with WhatsApp update in iOS and Android you can mute chats of individual contact/ chats. Earlier, you could only mute WhatsApp groups which is also mentioned in our earlier post. Previously, the only option to get rid of irritating individual contacts was to block them in order to stop getting notifications from them or turn off WhatsApp notifications which is not a good choice by any stretch of imagination as that turns off notifications for all chats along with that contact which is not what you want. But, with current WhatsApp update you can disable notifications for chat of single/ specific person in WhatsApp.

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Mute Individual chat in WhatsApp 

For iOS:

Mute chat in iOS means to turn off message tone as well as WhatsApp notifications for a group or individual chat.

You need to have WhatsApp updated version ( 2.12.5 ) for iOS to get rid of notifications from annoying individual chats in iPhone.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the contact which you want to mute.
  • Swipe left on that chat and select More. Tap on Mute from the options presented.


  • Tap on the chat to open the conversation. On top of the screen tap on name of the contact.
  • Contact Info will open. Here, you can tap on Mute.
Mute chat of individual contact in WhatsApp

2 Ways to Mute chat of contact in iPhone

With these two methods you can stop notifications from chats of single person in WhatsApp on iPhone.

For Android :

In Android, mute chat means to turn off sound for notifications or silencing the notifications even if your phone is in ring mode. To mute chat for single person in WhatsApp on Android you need the Android version ( 2.12.197) or newer. Follow the below steps to mute chats for individual contact in Android:

  • Open WhatApp, and tap on the contact for whom you want to mute the chat.
  • Next, tap on 3 dots at top right as shown in the picture and tap on View contact.

mute individual chat in WhatsApp - 3 dots


  • After this look for the Mute option under Notifications and turn it on.

mute individual chat in WhatsApp - mute option

  • It will ask for how long you want to mute, “8 Hours”, “1 Week” or “1 Year”.

mute individual chat in WhatsApp - mute chat

  • Choose the desired option and tap on Ok.

These photos were taken from WhatsApp Version 2.12.510.

Like iOS, you can disable notifications for a particular contact in Android along with message tone with an extra setting.

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For Windows :

To mute individual chat in WhatsApp for Windows, select the contact you wish to mute. Once in conversation screen tap on Contact name at top to visit that contact’s profile. Under Profile you will find Mute. Turn it on.

Mute individual chat in Windows

This feature was definitely needed by the users of the widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp. We wish that you will find this feature to mute chat of single contact useful. Do share your views.



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