How To Mute Individual Chat, Group, Status In WhatsApp

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Yes, you read it correctly! Now with WhatsApp update for iPhone and Android, you can mute chats of individual contacts or chats.

Previously, the only option to get rid of irritating individual contacts was to block them in order to stop getting notifications from them or turn off WhatsApp notifications. This is not a good choice by any stretch of the imagination as that turns off notifications for all chats along with that contact which is not what you want.

However, with the mute option, you can disable notifications for the chat of a specific person or group in WhatsApp. Additionally, you’ll also get to know how you can mute the status of specific WhatsApp contacts in this guide.

Mute Individual Chat Or Group In WhatsApp

For iPhone

Mute chat in iPhone means to turn off message tone as well as WhatsApp notifications for a group or individual chat.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the contact or group which you want to mute.
  • Swipe left on that chat and select More. Tap on Mute from the options presented.


  • Tap on the chat to open the conversation. On top of the screen tap on the name of the contact or group.
  • Contact Info/Group Info will open. Here, you can tap on Mute.
Mute chat of individual contact in WhatsApp
2 Ways to Mute chat of contact in iPhone

With these two methods, you can stop notifications from chats of a single person in WhatsApp on iPhone.

For Android

In Android, mute chat means to turn off sound for notifications or silencing the notifications even if your phone is in ring mode while you will still receive the notifications. That said, there is an option to disable notifications as well while using the Mute option.

To mute chat for a single person in WhatsApp on Android, you need the Android version ( 2.12.197) or newer. Follow the below steps to mute chats for individual contact in Android:

  • Open WhatsApp, and tap on the contact or group for whom you want to mute the chat.
  • Next, tap on 3 dots at the top right as shown in the picture and tap on View contact or Group info.
mute individual chat in WhatsApp - 3 dots
  • After this look for the Mute notifications option and turn it on by tapping on it.
mute individual chat in WhatsApp - mute option
  • It will ask for how long you want to mute, “8 Hours”, “1 Week” or “1 Year”.
mute individual chat in WhatsApp - mute chat
  • Choose the desired option and tap on Ok.

These photos were taken from WhatsApp Version 2.12.510.

Like iPhone, you can disable notifications for a particular contact or group in Android along with message tone by unchecking an extra setting Show Notifications at the bottom.

Now, let us go ahead and learn what does mute means for WhatsApp status and how to mute/unmute the status of other contacts on Android and iPhone.

Mute WhatsApp Status For Desired Contacts

To mute a friend’s WhatsApp status follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open WhatsApp and select Status tab.

You will find it in different locations depending on the smartphone(Android/iOS) you are using as shown below.

WhatsApp Status Update on iPhone Android

2. Under Status, swipe towards left on the desired contact’s name and select Mute followed by Mute once more for iPhone/iPad users.

Mute WhatsApp status on Android and iPhone

If you are using WhatsApp on an Android device then long tap on the contact’s name you wish to mute and select Mute from the pop-up.

Mute WhatsApp status of contacts

That is it! The selected contact’s status will be muted. Similarly, you can mute other WhatsApp status of other friends if desired.

Unmute WhatsApp Status

You can quickly unmute the muted status for contact by using the same gesture above and selecting Unmute this time.

Unmute WhatsApp status update

What Does Muting WhatsApp Status Mean And What Happens When You Mute Someone’s Status?

When you mute a WhatsApp status for a particular contact then their WhatsApp status update will still be shown but at the bottom under MUTED section.

What does WhatsApp status mean

Moreover, the contact status will be grayed out. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot view it. You can still see the status updates of a Muted contact by tapping on the update as you would do to see a status update for anyone.

The only thing is that they will be moved to the bottom under Recent and Viewed Updates and you won’t be notified by the color change of the circle around the contact’s update preview for the new status update from that particular user.

You can use the Mute feature if you want to ignore Status updates of specific contacts.

The mute feature can be quite definitely handy for the users of the widely used instant messaging app, WhatsApp. Just keep in mind that even the muted contacts or groups will be a part of the WhatsApp backup. To avoid that, you need to stop WhatsApp backup completely.

But on the positive side, if you want to restore the backup on a different device, you will get muted chats on the new device as well. If you are switching to Android from iOS, you may find this article useful.

We hope that this clears everything about Mute WhatsApp chats and the status option. If you have any queries please let us know in the comments.

27 thoughts on “How To Mute Individual Chat, Group, Status In WhatsApp”

  1. i am not able to see 2 blue arrows from 1 contact even though that person has read the messages..what could be the reason for the same?

  2. I wish there was an “ignore” mechanism where I could just put all messages from a specific sender on pause/hold until I have time to address them. I was hoping mute would do that. It’s not of much use if you still get confronted with undesired individual’s messages when you open chat to text other individuals.

    • Hi Jinja,

      You make perfect sense. And we have noted this point. We will try to find out an app or service which can do that. Also, we have given this requirement to our App development team. They will also work on it.
      Thank you for your valuable comment. 🙂

  3. How do i come to know that the person has muted me without checking my chat history through his/her mobile in whatsapp or sitting beside them and by sending a message after confirming that mobile is not in silent mode and mobile data is turned on?

    • Hi Avinash,
      It is pretty hard to figure out whether someone has muted you or not. The only thing you can observe is whether you are getting replies to your messages or not. If no is the answer then there are chances that person has muted you but still it is not 100% confirmed.

  4. If i mute the person, his messages will appear to me as sent or delivered?
    Because i dont want to get message for some days from a certain person.
    But want to see the messages after sometime.

  5. I’m so confused by this – in kik if you mute someone it doesn’t notify you of a new message and you only see new messages if you click on the conversation. I have someone muted and archived on whatsapp yet they still keep sending messages and being sent to my inbox. What’s the point of this function then?

    • Yes, whenever you read the messages, they will definitely get the blue tick with the time stamp when you read the conversation(of course this is possible only if you have Read Reciepts turned on) even if muted. Mute is only to turn off or silent WhatsApp notifications and nothing more than that.

  6. Some times I observe that last seen of my friends have difference of 1 or 2 minutes. whenever I see chatroom. what does it mean?

    • You cannot be sure that they were talking to each other. It can be by coincidence that two of them left WhatsApp at the same time or difference of 1-2 minutes(as you say) after talking to 2 different people.

    • It’s pretty hard make out if anyone has muted you or not. The only thing which comes to my mind is that if the person isn’t replying to your messages then may be he/she has muted you but that can also mean that they have not been using WhatsApp itself. If you can see their last seen then you can get a better idea. Hope this helps.


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