How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp In 5 Ways

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Here’s how to know if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp: you can no longer see any updates to the person’s profile photo. Their last seen or online status in the chat window is not visible, you cannot add them to any group chats, and messages sent to them are not delivered.

Did you have an argument with a friend or lover and you’re wondering if they’ve blocked you on WhatsApp but aren’t sure? While I think blocking on WhatsApp should be a last resort, I know many people do it when emotions are high. 

If, like me, you’re dealing with a situation like this and you’re wondering if you’re blocked on WhatsApp, I’m going to share a few ways you can tell. I can’t give you relationship advice, but I can at least let you know if they blocked you on WhatsApp or not.

What To Consider Before Checking If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

While there are a few indicators that you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, there isn’t a  definitive one. This is because WhatsApp purposefully keeps it ambiguous to protect the person’s privacy, as I learned via the WhatsApp Help Center. In addition to this, if the person is not connected to the internet, then this could also be a reason why they’re not showing up for you. 

I’ll go into further detail in the article, but please keep this in mind going forward. 

5 Ways How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked On WhatsApp

I’ve known for years that WhatsApp is extremely popular across the globe, but I recently found out that 2.44 billion users worldwide have a WhatsApp account according to Verloop, an AI company. Despite its global popularity, WhatsApp hasn’t really taken root in the States like it has in other countries, according to Digital Trends.  

That being said, WhatsApp is still the default mode of communication for many people around the world, such as myself, and is still used by many people in the U.S. One reason for WhatsApp’s popularity is its availability and the fact that it has tons of features that make communication easy. 

Just like WhatsApp makes communication and access to your contacts easy, removing that access by blocking someone on WhatsApp is just as simple. If you’re the one who has been blocked and want to know for sure, here are 5 ways to tell that you’ve been blocked by a WhatsApp contact. 

No Change To Their Profile Picture

Blank display picture of the Whatsapp contact

In the past, when someone blocked you on WhatsApp, you wouldn’t be able to see their profile picture. Instead, you’d see the default blank profile photo similar to what’s in my screenshot above. However, I recently learned via the WhatsApp Help Center that now when someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t see any updates to their profile picture

This means that you’ll see the contact’s profile picture that they had up when they blocked you. Therefore, if this is someone who changes their profile picture often and they’ve had the same one for far longer than usual, it’s possible that they’ve blocked you. Funny enough, this is how I figured out I was blocked by an ex. 

Messages Won’t Be Delivered

Whatsapp messages showing as not delivered

Besides the profile picture, another way to tell that you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp is that when you send messages, they are not shown as delivered, only sent. These messages will only have a single grey tick, which means they’ve been sent, but not two grey ticks, which means they’ve been delivered. 

However, it’s important to note that if you see a single grey tick, it could mean that the person simply isn’t connected to the internet. Another reason could be due to issues with WhatsApp on that person’s device. I had an issue where I received delayed notifications from WhatsApp or delayed messages, even when the internet is fine. 

If that’s not the case and they’re someone who you know is always connected, whether it be via WiFi or mobile data, then the single ticked messages could be a sign that they’ve blocked you

Last Seen & Online Status Are Not Visible

Last seen of the contact is not showing

When you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see the person’s last seen time stamp or their online status. However, it’s important to note that people can turn off their last seen and online status. This means that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that they’ve blocked you. 

Another important note is that if you’re like me and you’ve turned off your last seen and hidden your online status on WhatsApp, then you won’t be able to see the contact’s online status. This is why I don’t rely heavily on these as a marker of if I’ve been blocked or not. 

These aren’t the only reasons either. I learned via the WhatsApp Help Center that another reason why you may not be able to see someone’s Last Seen or online status is that they may not have you saved as a contact. 

Voice & Video Calls On WhatsApp Fail

Calling the Whatsapp contact

While the last seen and online status isn’t reliable, a better way to tell if someone has you blocked on WhatsApp is that you cannot reach them via video calls or voice calls on WhatsApp. This is because when you’re blocked on WhatsApp, you can still call them, however, it will only ring because the person who blocked you won’t receive them

What I’ve done before is to make a regular call directly to the person’s phone that I suspected blocked me and ask if there was a connection issue because I couldn’t reach them via WhatsApp call. Luckily, this was the case and I wasn’t blocked. I learned via the WhatsApp Help Center that a number of things can hinder a WhatsApp call, such as your phone’s battery saver

Can’t Add Them To A WhatsApp Group

Couldn't add contact to the group

While the other signs are not foolproof, I’d say the best way to tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is when you’re not able to add them to any group chats. If this is the case, then you’ve likely been blocked. I tested it out by having my friend block me on WhatsApp. Afterward, I tried adding him to a group chat and I got the message above in the screenshot. 

However, while this is the best sign, in my opinion, it’s not a guarantee either. This is because someone can restrict who can them to groups on WhatsApp, according to the WhatsApp Help Center. 


Can someone tell if you have blocked them on WhatsApp?

Someone cannot tell if you have blocked them on WhatsApp. When you block someone on WhatsApp, they do not get an official notification about being blocked and WhatsApp has made it intentionally ambiguous to protect your privacy. This doesn’t mean that they cannot find out with some investigation though.

Can you tell if someone you blocked is texting you?

You cannot tell if someone you blocked is texting you. When someone you’ve blocked texts you, their messages go nowhere. They won’t get a notification or sign that they’ve been blocked. Their messages will show that they’ve been sent, but they won’t be delivered to you.

How To Know If You’ve Been Blocked On WhatsApp – Wrapping Up

What are your thoughts on this article?

I know that learning that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is not the best news, especially if that someone is a person you care deeply about. I’ve been there before, but I believe that it’s best to respect that person’s decision, even if you don’t agree with it.

To reiterate, while the signs above aren’t foolproof, they can help you know if someone on WhatsApp has blocked you. Not being able to add them to a group chat is a good indicator and the best one out of all five to me. 

Besides that, if all of your messages are sent but not delivered, you cannot reach them via WhatsApp call, or see their last seen or any updates to their profile picture, then you’ve likely been blocked. 
If you have any questions for me, drop them in the comments below. Also share this article with your friends, family, and followers too.

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71 thoughts on “How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp In 5 Ways”

  1. When I click on their profile photo it says “no profile photo”.

    The message I sent only got 1 grey tick. I am not blocked right?

  2. I can see the profile picture and the last seen of the person but my messages keep on in one thick for days. Also, the last seen is changed into earlier date suddenly. Could you help me figure out what is happening Sir? Am I blocked?

  3. Hi I can see a pic, a status, and the phone rings out when I call on whattsapp. Only 1 grey tick tho on messesages sent from me. Am I blocked ?

  4. Hermant, super easy to understand, you write so well. thank you. I do not understand one thing.

    If you create a broadcast list and I include one friend who I know has not blocked me, then another who I think may have, how can the double or single ticks make a difference. I thought because my friend who has not blocked me is reading them the double tick status is only happening because the friend not blocking me is reading them.

    Thank you.

  5. I can call the person on phone and send him text message. But I can’t see his profile pic on WhatsApp, just one tick and I can’t see what her he is online.


      • I guess I got blocked, and by two people st the same time. One person I have not been in touch with for a very long time, and the other out right blocked me, which is very hurtful.

  6. What can be the case if the person has not kept his/her DP (also verified by the other phone no.) and suddenly past 2 days my msgs are not being delivered to the person. But I can see the person online through my WhatsApp.Also, I highly doubt the connectivity issue at my side as I am able to talk to other WhatsApp contacts. So am I blocked?

  7. Ok here is my question. I can see the pic but not last online time. But when my contact is online I can see that they are online. Additionally when I have tried calling it rings only one ring and the call gets canceled. Does that mean I have been blocked ??

  8. Hi I have a question I can see the persons profile picture and status but I can’t see when was the last time they read my message and when I message him it only shows one tick what does it mean I’m I blocked ?

    • Hi Stephanie, most probably they disabled read receipt or are not using WhatsApp anymore with that number. I can definitely say that you are not blocked if you can see the profile picture.

      I hope this helps.

  9. I can still see the persons profile picture and status but the message wont deliver there is only still one tick and it has been a few days since ive sent the message. I can see the person has been on other social media apps on their phone so they have signal, how come my message still has one tick. Have i been blocked?

      • Hi I can see the persons profile pic and it’s ringing when I call them so am I blocked or not as when I send messages they only have one tick but can see their profile pic and and it’s just ringing and ringing when I call them

  10. This is how I found out whether someone was blocking me; I switched a simcard(another number to the phone) and added my contacts number. If the information match from the other number of the persons Whatsapp then you have not been blocked.If the info is different for example the photo is suddenly visible. Then you have been blocked.

  11. So if someone blocked me does it mean I wont be able to see profile picture at all or just when person changes it?
    Also, you said ” in first place you cannot place WhatsApp call if blocked.” but on the top it says “It will ring when you place the call from your WhatsApp account but the user who has blocked you will never receive any call.”.
    Im confused?

    • Yes, if someone blocks you cannot view their profile picture. Thank you for bringing your confusion into notice. I will update the comment. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. When you are blocked, even though you place a WhatsApp call, it won’t ring at the recipient’s end who has blocked you.

      Hope this clears out your confusion.

      • Are you sure? I read on Whatsapp that if they block you, you will still be able to see the picture and the status they had when you were contacts, but you won’t see if they update their picture or update their status.

  12. What happein if a person block me and uninstall his whatapp?will i be a able to send him a msg and he still will gets it,will i remain still block after a uninstall it?please Hemant i need your help

    • Hi Joe,
      If you are able to see Online then you are not blocked for sure. The user has removed you from their contact list and has set Privacy Setting to only contacts. The messages you send to the contact will still be delivered.

      Hope this helps.

  13. In my case, I delivered a message and 2 ticks came but her profile and when she was online didn’t show but her status show.
    what happened in my case?

  14. Hi,
    I can see status…
    No profile pic..
    And can’t see online… at the same time from other phone i can see that number showing online..

    What does it means…..

    If i can see status.. for sure i’m not blocked…
    Profile pic can’t seen.. assuming, I’m not in his / her contact list.

    But can’t understand, when he/she online (i can see from other phone), its not shown online on my phone.

    • Hi Julius,
      That is a good question. Surprisingly as of now, you as well as the blocked person can see each others messages and reply to them in a group.
      Hope this answers your question.

  15. I can see the person online and the status but not profile picture. But my friend can see a profile picture does that mean i’m blocked

    • If you can see the WhatsApp status then you are not blocked for sure. It might be possible that the person has removed you from their contact list and set the Privacy of Profile Picture to My Contacts and kept the Status to Everyone.
      Hope this helps

  16. Have I been blocked if I can view the persons profile pic, but a message has only one grey tick? Also when I ring them, it does ring, just no-one answers. Thanks!


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