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Learning a new language can be tough. Depending on what language you’re learning you can either become fluent in a year or even years. Most people find it boring having to learn the grammar since there’s a good chance there going to forget it anyway. Most language learning courses can be pretty boring.

So, how can you make learning a new language fun? By listening to music in that language, that’s how. You might be thinking that really does listening to music help learn a language. Every once in a while a song you love plays on the radio, but you have no idea what it says. That’s because it’s in a language you don’t understand, but the mere beat makes you want to learn its lyrics.

Learn Language Through Music Using Linguician

Since most people usually have an easier time learning when it’s fun, that’s what Linguician has done. It’s made learning a new language fun by having you listen to your favorite foreign songs with lyrics and all.

  • To use the app you will need to sign up for an account but I can tell you that it’s well worth it. When you first access the site you’ll need to choose the language you’re learning. You can choose between languages such as Italian, French, Portuguese, German,  Spanish, or English.

learn language through music using linguician

  • Once you’ve chosen your language the next page will show you all the music videos that are available in that particular language. At the beginning, it will only show you 15 music videos but you can unlock more. All you have to do is earn what the site calls Lango coins. You can earn them by playing a quiz.
  • Choose your video and then the app will divide the lyrics of the song into various sessions. Each lesson has its own particular phrases. This will help you can learn them at your own pace. At the bottom of each lesson, you will also see two buttons. One button is the Discover button and the other is the Play button.
  • Select the phrases you want to learn first and then click on the Discover button. The music video will start playing and the lyrics will be at the bottom and the lyrics you wanted to learn will be highlighted. The point of those highlighted words is to help you learn as many as possible so you can win as many coins as possible.

Discard What You Already Know

  • While the video is playing you will see two buttons at the bottom; Want to learn this and I already know this. If you click on I already know this then the next time you play the video that word will not be included the next time you play the video. If you click on the Want to learn this button the app knows to keep that word in your learning vocabulary.

learn new language through music using linguician

  • When you think you’ve learned the phrases go back to the lessons and click on Play. The app will them ask you to translate the highlighted phrase. You’ll see four different answers. Make sure you choose the right one and if you do the phrase will be highlighted and the answer will be in green.
  • If you chose the wrong answer it will be highlighted in red with the right answer being displayed in green. The quiz will last the entire video and once you’re done you get 10 Lango coins for each right answer you gave. Remember, these coins are what will unlock more songs.


Who said that learning a new language has to be hard. You can easily learn language through music and have fun in the process. Thanks to this app, you can learn the language you’ve always wanted to learn and hear great songs in the process. Do you think that you’ll give the app a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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