7 Best Poster Maker Apps And Sites For Android, iPhone, PC & Mac 

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One of the best ways to express your ideas is to create an attractive poster with related text and images. You can share the poster online, get it printed and hang on your wall or even sell it. We might find some very inspirational or funny quotes online or while reading any book or article. Guess what, you can create a poster of them too. There are many apps, software and tools available which can help you spread your ideas very creatively. So, we have shortlisted some best flyer and poster maker apps for Android & iPhone and sites that let you design awesome posters of your own for free.

Best Poster Maker Apps And Sites

1. Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer

Best Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer - Android free download

This is one of the most downloaded and one of the highest rated poster maker apps on Google Play Store. The app is pretty easy to use. Select from already available backgrounds in the app or choose an image of your own from your phone’s gallery. You can customize the image in whatever way you want.

The app lets you add text and you can choose from a set of stylish fonts and color. You can blur the background that you chose and also apply other images over the poster. There is a large variety of stickers in categories like Sports, Halloween, Animals, Nature, Cartoons, Cars etc.

After all the editing, you can save your work as a design or an image. If you save as design, it will be saved in the app only and you can work again on the image. If you save it as an image, it will be saved in your photos gallery (like it does for WhatsApp) and it is ready to be shared and posted.

App link: Android

2. Canva: Free Graphic Design Tool & Photo Editor

best Poster Maker Canva - Free Graphic Design Tool & Photo Editor

Canva is one of the best free poster creator apps available on Android and iOS both. Currently, it has more than 5 million downloads on Google Play store and it has an average rating of 4.8 stars on iTunes. It is a multipurpose image editor. With help of Canva, you can make a poster, card, Facebook cover photo, YouTube thumbnail, Twitter header, photo collage and even a logo. You will find more than 60,000 templates on the App.

Select any template from suitable categories and you can completely customize it. You can add or remove text and image on the template. Create beautiful posters with quotes, graphics and images. You can even change the color of all images, text and parts of the images like flowers, trees, animation, etc.

All the images can be shared directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. When you tap on the ‘share’ button, the poster is saved automatically. Some of the customized templates need you to pay before saving. I edited an image very nicely but it asked for the payment and I took a screenshot instead. Canva can also be used to create stunning Infographics.

App link: Android/iOS

3. Flyers & Posters by Desygner

Best poster making app for Android - Flyers & Posters by Desygner

This app by Desygner has currently, the rating of unbelievable 4.9 stars on Play Store. There are many reasons for that. With very enticing and high-quality backgrounds, you can generate very good posters and flyers. You can even choose your own picture or collage to start making the poster.

Once you open the image, you have the option to reposition it, fill different colors or flip. You can add text, images or stickers and also customize them suitably. The most different thing about the app is that you can work on more than 1 image at a time as there is also a tab feature.

Once you are done making your poster, you have more options. It allows you to choose the quality of the image to be saved. Also, you can select the format of the image from JPG, PNG, or PDF. If you are not comfortable with the phone screen, you can use this tool on your PC or Mac browser too. You work will be synced between the app and site if you use the same account.

App link: Android | Web Tool: desygner.com

4. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

free download - Poster Maker & Poster Designer

This is also a good app available on both platforms — Android and iOS. There are innumerable presets for the background in different categories like Texture, Summer, Spring, Photo etc. which are free. Then there are some paid ones too. There are different size formats available for the same preset.

You have the option to upload and edit pictures from your phone’s gallery or just choose any plain color. After selecting the background and the format, you can edit the image in different ways. Choose textures from Enamel, Grain, Grunge etc and there is the option to set the opacity too.

You can add text in many fonts with different alignments, size and colors. It allows you to add image and sticker to the poster too.

App link: Android/iOS

5. Postermywall

Best website for designing posters and flyers and postermywall

Postermywall is the best website to create very cool posters and flyers of hundreds of categories. There are templates for party, concerts, campaign, shop, restaurant, mother’s day, sports, wedding, environment, birthday, etc. These were just categories, there is a lot of variety inside these categories too. You can even design your book covers, photography’s posters and your quotes in many styles available. In case you are into promoting anything online, you’ll find here video templates too.

The site allows you to add photos, video, text, clipart, table, menu, background etc. to your posters and customize accordingly. You can even change the brightness, contrast and saturation of the poster.

There is the option to resize the poster according to your need like for Instagram post, YouTube cover, to send for a tabloid and many other sizes. Once you are done with the editing, you can download the poster in normal quality for free. If you need the poster for large banners or in very fine quality then you have to pay the different amounts for them.

Website Link: Postermywall

6. VanillaPen – Poster maker

VanillaPen - Best Poster maker on iOS

VanillaPen is one of the best poster maker apps on iOS. Many of the features are paid but still, you can make very decent posters and cards. This app offers a great typography, badges, ribbons, etc. to design your poster. The available fonts like grudge, script, bold etc. are way cooler than any other poster maker apps can have. You can customize the text and all other designs according to size, opacity alignment etc.

There is no option to upload an image of your own as a background. There are simple but elegant backgrounds available. Before saving an image, you can change the look of your poster by very cool filters or textures available. You can share your posters directly to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in good resolution.

App link: iOS

7. Posteroid

Top poster maker app free - Posteroid

Posteroid is an easy to use free poster maker app for Android. There are not multiple features on Posteroid like the other apps. This app is best for you if you want to write quotes on pictures you clicked or you downloaded online.  You can only set a picture of your own as the background of your poster.

Insert text in bold or simple fonts and then choose from three places to set the text like the top, middle or bottom. You can apply a white border to give it a real poster look and add grid too. There is the option of setting the texture of different color with customizable opacity also. After completing the poster, you can choose to save it in small, medium or large size.

App link: Android

So these were some top poster maker apps and sites available in 2018. With the help of these, you can unleash your creativity and graceful thinking. These apps can help you grow your business too. If you use any other amazing apps to make posters or write quote over your pictures, let us know in the comments.

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