Create Infographics using these 7 brilliant Infographic tools

We bring to you the list of 7 Infographic creation tools that you should use. Online Infographics maker to make your content engaging and awesome. 

As the Internet has progressed, different kind of content has taken up people’s imagination. Firstly it was the simple e-mail, then the GIF came along before it perished and again came back in our present times. Once the social media world came alone, content pieces like memes became popular.

Infographic Creation Tools

Advantages of Infographics

As attention spans have dwindled and text reading has gone to a minimum, one piece of content has come to save the content marketers. It has taken away the boredom of continuous text and replaced it with Text and Imagery combined that says that same thing in the smallest amount of time. The Infographic is the blogger and marketer’s ultimate tool. Don’t believe me?

One of the best SEO bloggers in this world, Brian Dean uses an Infographic, the first thing in his article before the actual content.

Advantages of Infographic

Infographics help in :

1. Compressing a lot of information into byte size pieces.

2. Infographics also help in improving your bounce rate, similar to how Brian Dean uses Infographics for. If people just see a lot of text on a page they are inclined to leave. If they see an infographic, they stay a bit longer to get the core of the information.

3. In terms of business cases , they can help in showcasing the bigger picture of your department’s performance.

It’s safe to say that use of Infographics is still in and you can explain a lot with lesser information. So you might have seen some beautiful Infographics like the ones below and wondered how you can make something like that.

Infographics maker
Source : Guardian

7 Infographics Creation Tools

We have a bunch of tools that we’ve looked at for you, so your life becomes easier when you are choosing the right tool to use.

1. Canva

One of the most popular among all the tools, Canva is touted as a replacement for Illustrator and Photoshop, especially when it comes to making simple posters, infographics and other smaller designs. Canva really is the all round tool especially for those of you who do not have photoshop or illustrator skills. In terms of using it for Infographics, it’s great.

Create Infographic

In the right corner, you can see the infographic option to choose from. When you click on the Infographic option, you have a set of templates on the left. Most of the templates are free and they are designed beautifully. You can also download free icons from icon websites and add them to your infographic if you don’t already find a suitable one in the extensive canva collection.

Free Infographic Maker

Pros :

  1. Extensive template library – Can use this as a base for your infographic.
  2. Exhaustive font styles, free icons and designs that can be incorporated.
  3. No limit to what you can do. It’s the most exhaustive infographic tool there is.
  4. Absolutely free when it comes to exporting your designs. You can use 95% of canva’s features without having to pay.
  5. The pay per design option is one of the best we’ve seen because it isn’t a monthly commitment.


  1. When making the infographic, you can’t extend or minimize the canvas you are working on after you’ve chosen a particular size. So you have to plan your content in advance to fit the size.


Infogram touts itself as an online charting and infographic company. They are slightly directed towards the professional user. Their charts tool is a great way to make business presentations with all sorts of graphs among other things. It’s also great for students who are preparing presentations or showcasing any analysis.

Create Infographics

The Infogram interface is extremely clean and professional and they have a limited set of themes that can start you off. Although it isn’t robust in the sense of tools available to make an infographic, it can get the job done.

tools for creating infographics


  1. With Infogram you can literally import any data that you have on Drive, Excel sheet or even JSON.
  2. You can add Images and Video content to your infographics


  1. You have to pay for downloading your infographic in PDF or JPEG. Even if you want to make it private, you have to upgrade.
  2. The templates aren’t exhaustive
  3. The scope of Infogram is limited to business and educational purposes.
  4. You have to pay for a rich text editor. This means if you want to change the font or bold your text in the infographic, you need to shell out money.

3. Piktochart

Piktochart is very similar to canva and it’s an amazing tool to create brilliant infographics.

Online Infographic Tools

Piktochart has an exhaustive list of templates that one can choose from. They also have a good collection of shapes, icons, frames to add a whole new dimension to your infographic.

Tools for creating infographics


  1. In every Piktochart canvas, you can resize each canvas to fit it to the size you need.
  2. You can download as a JPEG or a PDF without upgrading.


  1. If you want to purchase a paid template, then you have to upgrade to the monthly or yearly plan which doesn’t make much sense. There isn’t a pay per template option.
  2. Templates are generally there for variety and to give you design Inspiration, but for Piktochart, all the templates look the same.

4. Venngage

Venngage is promoted as a Free Infographic maker. It is easy to sign-up and the Infographic section is dedicated to different topics. Informational, Statistical, Geographic, Timeline, Charts are some of them. This makes it super easy in breaking down to what you want and not go with everything and anything.

The Infographics are further broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This makes sense because if your Infographic is going to have a lot of information, packed with data then you’ll have to choose an advanced design.

Free Tools for creating Infographics

If you just take one glance at the Interface you know that the options are ridiculously extensive.

To show you how extensive it is, I’ve attached an Image at the bottom. Venngage has an Astrology icon section that you could use. This means lesser time spent in searching the internet for icons.

Infographic creator tool


  1. There’s an option to publish as an online tool as well as a downloadable PDF or JPG.
  2. The extensive options that can help you customize your Infographic to any extent.


  1. It’s a paid tool.

5. Visme

Visme is another presentation and Infographic tool. Visme’s tool is focused on interactivity, this means the Infographics are good for presentations.There are a lot of interactive options to Visme that you can add to your presentation. The best part about Visme is you can use your infographic as an interactive element on your website or download it as a JPG to share it across platforms.

The free icons and graphics that were provided were a little below the design standard. They aren’t very tastefully done.

Infographic maker

You can add Audio, Video and Charts to your Infographic.

Infographic creation tools

You can also embed this code into your blog and have a powerful infographic on your website.


  1. Works as an Interactive embed as well as a JPEG
  2. The Animation in the text


  1. Poor design elements.
  2. No Upload option. This restricts the quality of designs that can be created.

6. Easelly

Easelly is another one of the tools that we cover today. The first thing I noticed after registering was the exhaustive list of themes that were available that were of different styles and topics and then I realized that this was done by other people and shared publicly and you could use any one of that as a template.

Free Tools for creating Infographics

Another option is a draw that gives you skitch like features where you can draw out instructional arrow over your infographics. This has been one of those tools that not a lot of people know about, but it is excellent for creating infographics.

Online Infographic maker


  1. Themes from other users available for your use.
  2. Free exports in the form of JPG.
  3. Exhaustive list of Objects and Design patterns


There are no cons for easelly.

We want to cover a bonus tool that caters to a very specific market.

7. Visualize Me

We’ve noticed a trend where a lot of people are using infographics to create compelling resumes that attract companies. To make this process easier, a product called Visualize Me has been created that helps with this. Visualize me connects with a person’s Linkedin account and takes all the data and an Infographic is made out of that. For all you job seekers, this is a useful tool to check out.

Create Infographics

We hope our review of these tools help you make a decision whether to use the software or not. To reiterate the importance of an Infographic, if you want to compress data and put it in a digestible style, then an infographic is the way to go.

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