6 Best Ludo Games Apps For Android And iOS

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Apps and mobile games are hardly expected to bring nostalgic moments because they themselves are the current things. But what about Ludo Apps? Originated from an ancient Indian game ‘Pachisi’, Ludo is played across the world with different names. We all played it in our childhood. To bring back some memories and to experience a change from usual phone games, there is a huge number of Ludo apps present on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. After the best chess apps, here is the list of best Ludo games apps that you will enjoy like original Ludo board games.

Top Ludo Games For Android And iPhone

1. Ludo All Star

ludo all star

Want to have a scoop of nostalgia? How about doing that with Ludo All Star? The online game lets you play your very own favorite ludo game with 2 or 4 players. The amazing modes of Ludo All Star like Classic mode, Terminator, Offline, Raid, and Team Battle will never let this game go boring.

If you love making new friends every day, then this game is a paradise for you. Simply playing the game without any rewards might get boring but that’s not the case when you play Ludo All Star. You earn and lose points with each game you win or lose. Make the game even more interesting by unlocking new exciting dice, ludo boards, and tokens. You’ll cherish each and every moment spent with this awesome game.

Download Ludo All Star for Android/iOS

2. Ludo King™

Ludo King™ - Best Ludo Game Apps

Ludo King is huge. It is currently dominating almost all board games with more than 100 million downloads on Play Store. When you open the game, it has four options to play — with a computer, local friend(s), online multiplayer or to play with friends if they are online. Even if you play with the computer, you can choose to play with two or four opponents. In the ‘Local Multiplayer’, 2-6 people can play as you can see in the picture above.

This game works both on online and offline mode. While online, you can challenge your Facebook friends and also play with random players worldwide. There is an option to chat with the opponent while playing. Amazingly this Ludo game app also has one of our favorite childhood game snakes & ladders. Not just Android and iPhone, Ludo King works on Windows mobile and PC too.

Download Ludo King™ for Android/iOS

3. Ludo Master

Ludo Master - ludo games for android

Ludo Master comes with the same set of 4 playing options as Ludo king. But it is a little faster and doesn’t contain that many ads. You can log in from your Facebook account or play as a guest. In this game, there are lots of chances to get the coins that you can use to play online with people. You will get free coins for 7 days for daily check-ins. To motivate you to play, there is a list of tasks at the bottom where the tasks are checked and you receive coins once you cross the respected mark and claim the reward.

Download Ludo Master for Android

4. Ludo Game: 2018

Ludo Game 2018 - ludo apps install

All the Ludo apps for Android or iPhone are mostly the same with just a little change in the interface like on this one. Main features like playing with CPU, local friends, online etc. are the same on all the apps. On this app too, you will get a lot of coins after winning games and also as a daily bonus. But I really liked the settings of this app. You can choose if you want the tokens to start with 1 or 6 and also whether another turn will be given when 1 comes in the dice etc.

Download  Ludo Game for Android

5. Parchisi STAR

Parchisi STAR - ludo app free

Parchisi is another form of Ludo and it is most popular in Spain. So, this app is different from others. The game here is played anti-clockwise and with two dices rolled together. It is indeed a fun and very new experience. If you need to finish something urgent in between, you can save the game for later in the app. Even if you are new, the written rules are there to assist you.

Download Parchisi STAR for Android/iOS

6. Ludo Championship

Ludo Championship - Ludo apps download

This is one of the best ludo games apps that I came across. The interface of the app is different. You can play with 1-3 opponents and also the games are not limited. Here you have a Short Ludo, Ludo, and Parcheesi too. You can gain thousands of coins by entering a battle mode where they set you with 3 different people from across the world. By syncing with Google Play Games, the app maintains Achievements and Leaderboards of the players.

Download Ludo Championship for Android/iOS

Ludo really connects you with people and many people find the mobile game very convenient in comparison to a board game. There are very rare chances that you will sit for hours with your friends on a real Ludo board again. But try these games that won’t let your Ludo memories fade away.

So, this was the list of addictive and best Ludo games apps, that you can play with anyone and anywhere. If you want another fun games list from us, let us know in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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