How To Add Text And Stickers To Photos On Telegram

Telegram app has the collection of amazing stickers. There are many stickers that you won’t even find in some of the editing apps. Not just the chat stickers but the stickers that are used in editing a picture like a nose, eyes, goggles, vigs etc. are present in a huge number in Telegram editing option. These stickers are generally known as masks. In this article, we have explained how to add text and stickers to photos on Telegram. I am using an Android phone for this but the process for iPhone is almost the same. And also this feature is not available on Telegram for PC.

1. Open the chat you want to send a photo on Telegram.

2. Tap on ‘Attach icon‘ at the bottom right.

how to use telegram photo editor

3. Choose the photo from the latest one or click using camera or tap on ‘Gallery‘ and choose the photo by tapping on it.

Telegram stickers on pictures

4. Now tap on the ‘Edit icon‘ at the bottom. And you will find all the editing options like ‘Brush’, ‘Stickers’ and ‘Text’.

add stickers to photos on telegram

5. Tap on the ‘Sticker icon‘ and then tap on the perfect sticker from the hundreds of stickers available. You can adjust their size and position on the photo by pinch zoom.

add text to picture telegram

6. Tap on ‘Telegram Stickers icon‘ at the top to add Telegram stickers to your photo.

add stickers to photos on Telegram

7. For adding text, tap on the ‘Text icon‘ at the bottom and type the desired text.

How to add text to photos on telegram

8. Once you add text, tap anywhere on the picture and you will be on the editing page. Here you can change the size and reposition the text by pinch zoom.

9. After you add text and stickers to your photo, tap on ‘Done‘ at the bottom right and then on the send icon.

Stickers To Photos On Telegram

Add Text And Stickers To Photos On Telegram

So, this is how you can add masks, text and stickers to photos on Telegram. Remember, before sending any picture you can also enable the timer for self-destructing messages on Telegram.

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We have made many tutorials on Telegram’s special features and also compared it to WhatsApp. If you come across anything that you can’t get through on Telegram, let us know in the comments.

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